My advice. Hold on upgrading/buying til Pimax gives a STRAIGHTFORWARD Answer

I also hope for an answer. Why is there no price advantage if I want to take Plan D? Where is the financial incentive to hand in my Stretch Goals?


That’s exactly the point: there is absolutley none as I explained in detail here:

Fact is, we are asked to give away more than we receive in discount, plus sudden shipping and tax /which comes on TOP of shipping).
Effectively in the end they actually propose to trick us backers to pay the exact price regular aftermarket customers get their goods for trying to sneak around the stratch goals they promised us.


Hmm, well, then do use the Plan that gives the largest possible discount if you want the x or + and lets you keep the rest.

Or just keep everything as it was before.

I know we might have expected “more” - but as stated above, a small company must live from something - and it just sucks making over hours and not getting them paid or even worse knowing the company is not making a healthy profit - I don’t want that for me, so I am willing to adjust to not let it happen to others.
As a Backer that is ok, I see myself more as an Investor in the idea, not a pure customer. I hope they manage to succeed and enjoy the devices they have made very much. If I would have just regularly bought the devices in the store, well that would be a different story.


That one indeed is very much missleading - it should just say -go get it regularly - no point in opting out - its like Plan A without the discount, hope folks still read all through it and do the math - but shines a bad light on pimax and must be cleaned up if part of the aftermath of having wrong values in the store over the weekend.


Sorry, but they are still ridiculuous and give NO incentive to give up the strechgoals as they alone are worth more than the 200,- discount offered. Shady shipping and tax situation included.

To be clear, living in the EU like you I can totally accept the reasoning behind VAT being an essential part of how the state finance works and am thus totally willing to pay for it. Barer one, and I am not accepting this, shipping costs actually already subdued to local tax and thus “export” goods to be tax free are also struck with “secondary” import tax.
Anyway with this in consideration makes importing an 8KX a 1500,- EUR piece of gear - with NO usualy amenities like 2 year vendor liability and local support etc.

This leaves the discussion if the headset as good as it may be is really worth that steep price to end users when comparing to competing devices (existing or forthcoming) and will find it’s place on the market and thus Pimax in long term business.

Sorry, but being a preoject/product manager of technical niche (!) products myself, I cannot buy this. And whoever in a similar postion knows these multipliers. Analysing their pricing and putting it up against comparable solutions one can easily tell they do their calculation on exatly the same algorithms any other company with a sane management would do. And they for sure would have the means to offer a discount for backers that deserve that term instead of trying to pull them off their stretch goals.

Matter of fact, unless they rethink their strategy and make it an offer one cannot resist (A.K.A. private corporate crowdfunding that it actually boils down to) and compensates for the wiving of liability, local support etc. I absolutely do see no incentive to leave any more money with them unless they have fulfilled what they promised (and now they prosperated have no excuse to withdraw) and see how the 8KX will be accepted and available through regular, serious channels.


Many Fair Points I totally agree apon - for me only A was more or less feasable since I thought opting out gets me a full experience with the 5k+ faster (LH and Index Controllers are @ Home now) and I wanted the 8kX.
(And willing to take the “rabatt” as given)

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I agree with the title of the tread, don’t order anything yet.
Pimax won’t help you if you ordered the wrong plan due to there own mistakes on the webshop. I now have to open a paypal dispute to cancel my order becausethey won’t answer me in any way if i want to change my order to another backer plan. Really do you want to treat your fans this way??? @PimaxUSA @SweViver @Matthew.Xu

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I understand your anger - but just in comparison: I had an issue with RockStar Games just the last days. Bought a Game - did not appear anywhere (web, client etc.).
After 6 Days of chat, mail on so on and easily over 11 Pages of Text ! I finally got what I paid for.

Not saying that this justifys anything, but keep in mind if the bigger boys have issues like that, that take them that long to solve… well there might be a bit of overload on such a small team - its their fault - no question, they should have checked the store prior to releasing it, but I do belive that they will sort out our issue. (I guess they feared the sh i t storm that post poning a store relase would have brought… I can understand that too ).

SO, dont order? I have orderd, because in my case the plan and prices seemd reasonable, so if thats the case, why should I not order?

But I totally agree, if your case is fuzzy or just plain wrong, I would wait until I have it cleard up by pimax first and then order.


Sorry to hear that, sure it happens elsewhere, but i’m used to much better support in the Netherlands…
I want to say people are taking a risk at the moment of gettting a really bad feeling when ordering, if something go wrong things can escalate easely in disputes and so…

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Did you create a ticket? PM me the ticket number and I’ll flag it tonight during our nightly meeting.


true - support can make up for a lot or turn things quite bad.important to improve on that!

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Yes a ticket with Matthew, sally and i responded to my original order on the ecomerce adres order SO4716 Ticket 17366 and 17988

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Wait, you mentioned they didn’t or wouldn’t help you but you have two tickets and two people responding? Do they just not understand your request? Private message me enough detail so I can help resolve this for you during the meeting.


oke i will message you about the details thanks for helping me out



Can you share some insights regarding my question above in this thread. Is it intended that plan D and the owner upgrade plan provide the same discount? I also raised this question and the request to swap the plans if true earlier today in ticket #19375 .

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The $100 we put towards the KS 8K headset had a higher value in the long run(8K was sold for more than the $100 difference). Now you(Pimax) want to limit how we spend this to cheap plastic and silicone to further profits(selling ‘unavailable’ 8Ks for retail price+only selling overpriced accessories).

“For a company giving you a discount” - You aren’t ‘giving us a discount’, this is not a discount, this is not a coupon, this is our money that we invested under good faith that we could use at a later date for items in the store. Do you think we’re stupid?


Yeah Martin, I have to respectfully disagree. I know you’re a little tangled up with Pimax’s interests here and I am sorry if you’re caught having to go to bat for them, but this move is completely indefensible. MAYBE- maybe if we were talking about mass market- an amazon/newegg storefront or something like this- we could begin to have a conversation about margin and losses. We are the BACKERS of this project. We are not standard end users. The money we have devoted to this project is worth far more than the dollar value of our headsets because we assumed the risk of failure. And in a sense- in doing this- Pimax is acquiescing to failure. The 5K+ and 8K Kickstarters are half baked products- they are Beta level production. This next batch finally feels like a market release. Pimax has pivoted to re-brand this as a new iteration of the product and that’s clearly untrue. If I am to speculate a little, it looks like Pimax has perhaps decided this is the best way to absolve/break with the backers and maximize profits. It’s frankly disgusting.

The way I see it, for Pimax, our headsets are already a loss. They should absorb their loss, give us a little dignity and move to recoup in the market. Given this MSRP, I am sure they could. Certainly with 6000 backers who are happy and advocating the product, they will succeed.

Right now however, there is an undeniable reality: Pimax is perceived as untrustworthy. Questionable build quality. Unreliable software. All around the internet, backers will be screaming about the way they were utterly shafted. You put all of this in the pot, and the average buyer considers this overpriced and a bad gamble. They will go for the index or something else. I certainly would.


I received feedback from support, the summary is that backers are not allowed to use the Upgrade Plan for current owner, they have to stick with the plans. So the switch from plan D to the owner plan is not possible.
The same discount and price for both plans was explained with the higher unit price if you bought/preordered instead of backed a headset. So they not offered any further discount.

Really disappointed regarding the advertised crazy incentive discount plans for backers… :roll_eyes::frowning:

@PimaxUSA @Matthew.Xu @SweViver

can you confirm the statement from the support ? Would be good to know for all backers as well because I guess some already pre-ordered via the owner upgrade plan. Hope I get a reply this time regarding this topic…


It’s strange that they answered this to you, but with this answer Matthew confirms the availability of a “plan for current owners” for backers:


I hope it’s just a misunderstanding, I was just ready to order the 8k+ with the current owner plan. I guess not.
@Matthew.Xu whats going on?