My advice. Hold on upgrading/buying til Pimax gives a STRAIGHTFORWARD Answer

I did exactly that through Online Chat two days ago, this is a quote from it:
“I have a note on SO50xx for our colleague to keep your KS stretch goals.”
“Have a nice day~ ![:blush:]”

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Ok thanks, I will try my luck with the online chat then. An official statement would be nice though…

Where I can find the online chat? I checked the store just now and the chat not appeared for me. Do they have special business hours?

you forgot to mention: pimax is… unable to communicate.

It hurts me the most of all things that the whole communication with or from pimax is in such an utter disorder. I don’t want to discuss possible improvements here. Just state that still, since the kickstarter campaign i have the personal opinion that this is far from the level it should be. And wonder every time when pimax has something to share with us backers and now existings customers, why we have to get through all this hassle by searching the forum for answers, raise questions, invest really much time and still don’t get straight, clear, cumulated and reliable answers.

And this does not even touch the topic why there are always so much unanswered questions in the first place.


You mean simple straight forward answers to ‘Is the final Revision/Consumer version of the 8KX ready for production?’

Still not answered.


I tried again with the support, they stated that the option to select or to switch the Owner Upgrade Plan was banned for backers by the management last night. So there is currently no way to keep stretch goals and get the discount. :frowning:
I explicitly asked to just add a note to my order to keep my stretch goals but this was denied as well.

Looking forward for the Berlin meetup :slightly_smiling_face:



Create a new topic and address it to @Matthew.Xu, @PimaxUSA and @SweViver.
This is a mistake - why was not it announced before?

And then technically who can stop you from selling the headset to yourself and create an invoice for that and become an owner not a backer. The only thing you need to do after is to get your money back from Pimax and raise another order as an owner.

Do you have a quote from Pimax support and the name of the person who said that?


Yeah but you can’t use the 5k8k downgrade credit then. Conflicting info of if it can be used at all towards a new headset.


Thanks for sharing this. There goes my efforts to change my order to the current owner plan…
It seams support is not really knowing what they are doing. wich is not there fault, it should be well comunicated from higher up in the organisation before they started this, what a waste of resources…


I will prepare a thread later tonight but then I will stop my effort. If I would have used my time to work instead discussing with the support I basically could have bought the stretch goals by myself. I also fear more chaos if I would resell the Headset to myself, this is not worth it. Latest support quote as reaction to my switch request digging was:
" Dear Dennis
Really sorry for that this way already banned by management last night. we are punished because of the improper operation
Because of the Plan for current owner and the plan for backer was separated. why backer cannot enjoy the plan for the current owner, because they paid 899$ for the 8k, 400$ more than backer.
i am sorry for this, thanks

Sent by Pimax Innovation, inc. using"

So they state that normal customers paid more money for the headset, so despite the same discount the backer has still advantage because he got e.g. 8k cheaper during kickstarter…


So opt-out from the stretchgoals or pay the full price without a possibility to use the downgrade credit?

Is this how it is? Seriously can’t be?


@TrevorVR I keep asking the same thing and keep getting stonewalled.


I do not understand how this is possible :japanese_goblin:
Prior to this, a “plan for current owners” was possible for sponsors, because in the end we are also owners.
I contacted the support team about this. I was clearly answered that I can upgrade according to the “plan for the owners.”



@Matthew.Xu, how should we take that at all? Honestly, this seems like some stupid mistake of your employees. And I still hope so.


How old is the chat log?

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That was a few days ago (Nov. 1)

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They are playing the ‘Plausible Deniability’ game on the stretch goals.

They will not explicitly state a rationale because they know the ‘deal’ is horribly lop-sided.


What about the backers who successfully ordered a new headset (before the change in conditions) by using the current owner plan and used their coupon?

This doesn’t sound good.


Ok, my communication is from today. So if you ordered via the owner plan better stay low, maybe you order gets through…


But after all, many have already gone according to plan for the current owners, having paid the money and thereby making a deal. And now they will be deprived of stretched targets unilaterally?

I have not yet decided to order so far. Maybe now I will bite my elbows :joy:


Yeah asked the same just above.