My advice. Hold on upgrading/buying til Pimax gives a STRAIGHTFORWARD Answer

That will rule out an upgrade for me then.

I was going to assemble a full 5K+ with MAS (and maybe comfort kit) to sell and offset the cost of the ‘Current owners’ with a downgrade credit.

No other way I can afford to make it work. I’ll have to stick with the upgraded 5K+


Sadly I have to agree. No “Vision” headset for Trevor.


I will not disagree that the stretch goals turned into an 800 lb albatross for Pimax, the financial liability is substantial, but that IS NOT THE BACKER’S PROBLEM.

The full package is also problematic as they owe backers base stations that cost the same (from Valve) as the full package deposit and they must take a straight up loss on providing sense controllers. Applying the full package deposit towards a new headset is a reasonable compromise, as both the backer and Pimax are getting something.

The stretch goal opt-out substantially leans in Pimax’s favor and is NOT a reasonable compromise.

The fact that the stretch goal opt-out is contingent on all backer options, while the full package deposit is not (A/C vs B/D), tells you in no uncertain terms how significant the financial liability of the stretch goals is for them. Despite all their professions of ‘loyalty’ to backers, they are deliberately making a choice to dump their past poor decision-making onto backers, but " Oh, look! Shiny New Things!".


The ‘current owner’ plan on the store still has the verification page where you enter your backer/pre-order number.

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Yes, this is a fake discount, if in order to get it you have to give something back (in this case, stretched goals). This is a simple exchange $ 150-200 for stretched goals.

Does anyone else remember all the promises from @SweViver and @PimaxUSA on PimaxDay for pleasant discounts for backers that we will be truly surprised by?

Well, i think, we are all surprised, but I would not call it a pleasant feeling, unfortunately :man_shrugging:


What if Pimax has no intention of ‘making good’ on the stretch goals?

If the backer upgrade plan does not provide the relief they need, what will they do next?


I feel Pimax has used the backers to perfect their proper 8K headset, and thise “discount” is just a ruse to silence us and move on. The poll thread shows 7% satisfaction from the offer, and they’re OK with that

They have the headset they first intended to build, and we all backed, and have come up with a nonsense offer simply to say “Here, backers, thanks for 2 years of testing, R&A and feedback. We’ve offered you “a discount,” backers, take it or leave it - and goodbye… Now we can move on to selling our product to new consumers”


So now what happens with all of the backers who already ordered using the “current owners plan” and successfully used the downgrade coupon with it? Will we still receive the stretch goals as promised? If not, we will need to be refunded $100 immediately. @Matthew.Xu


Yes, a big deal was being made of an upgrade option on PD1 stream. “backers and owners will get a discount” “…‘also’… backers can use their vouchers”

This turned out to be completely false. They have had a few days following feedback to correct any mistakes, obviously we’ve had our confirmations now.

A few days later and still backers ‘only’ have an option to forfeit stretch goals or for those with additional backed items to swap them… There is no discount, just a scheme to force a way of offsetting prior commitments against the profit margin of a new product.


did i missed something here?whats happening?

@mp4x There is definitely an element of just wanting the backers to ‘go away quietly’.


Just another comparison about non-existent Backer discount and undervaluation of Stretch Goals.

Even though Pimax headsets and Index controllers have different price factors, the comparison between Backer and pre-order discounts shows e.g. with Plan D that for Backers effectively no discount is available. In addition there is a massive undervaluation of the Stretch Goals as already mentioned several times.


A Backer discount of $80 is granted by Pimax for an investment of around $260 (Pimax controller bundle for Backers and preorders were nearly the same price). For an investment of over $1,000 a discount would also be desirable as well as a correct valuation of the Stretch Goals. Therefore a $50 rating as the Backer discount and the equivalent for all stretch goals is unacceptable in several ways.

Thank you for a quick review of non-existent Backer discount and revaluation of Stretch Goals.
@SweViver @PimaxUSA @Matthew.Xu


You know whats coming next.

Radio silence.

I’m quite disappointed with how pimax is lately. Things has really taken a downward spiral.

The team should be aware that word of mouth is actually quite influential, on reddit amazon or whatever that allows users to leave a review. And many users are still here just because they have unreceived pledge items still.

I really liked pimax headset but where this is going i definitely can see myself reluctant to stay aboard for the next pimax product after i get my 8kx.

And this is from someone who spent a full set plege snd now 1300usd on the new 8kx. If we are not the bigggest fan i dunno who is.


I do, but I also remember them keep on saying that the backers who backed the whole package (HMD, Controllers, base stations) who get the new HMD very very cheap. They keep hammering that home. Which was a red flag to me. Since it probably meant that they would have to forfeit everything to get the price decrease (NOT A DISCOUNT).


Agreed the discount seems to be on what we paid to pimax at a reduced rate imho. Which is 1 of the reasons not doing an upgrade plan. That & time of year & expiry of “deals” makes new unattached reviews less likely; unless @mixedrealityTV & @VoodooDE receive a final version before the clock runs out. And tbh sure it will be better than what has been received thus far to a point.


Yes. More like a trade off for stretch goals being so messed up than any really compelling discount (for most). I also hate when it is referred to as an “Upgrade Plan” since the original headset is not a factor.
I don’t see trading away controllers that one needs regardless of how many headsets one buys as a bonus. It just means you have to buy some somehow at some point anyway. No savings in that of any real value, except getting out of Pimax controllers which we haven’t anyway to determine value on yet. That Pimax has killed Sword as an option for those requesting thumbsticks, leaving only Sense to consider may have those with full packaged pledges be glad to trade them away. That would be an advantage for them, but otherwise. A" quid pro quo" here is harder to find than in the US House of Representatives. :grin:


Upgrade Plan = We don’t want to supply you with some of the items we promised, even tho we used those promises to attract more backers. Instead, we want to convince you to spend your money on our new products by using some handwavium and confusion to make you think there’s any benefit to you.

There, I said it.

I mean, Jesus, if this were a normal and ethical discount, it would simply be "Hey, backers, thanks for helping us launch our product, here - have a $X00.00 discount if you decide to buy the final product. " It wouldn’t be six different info-graphics that most of us couldn’t understand without discussing them back and forth (the confusing handwavium)


ok separate thread is online now, curious if this makes any difference regarding an official response, guess not…

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I have received an email from Robin. He told me I should receive a unit end of this month.


Really looking forward to Your impressions! :+1::sunglasses:

I hope You won’t recieve a dud… :astonished: