My advice. Hold on upgrading/buying til Pimax gives a STRAIGHTFORWARD Answer

So what does all this mean ? Is this just Just Pimax being the same old Pimax or are they actually in financial trouble ?


That’s great news I can’t wait for your review . Did Robin say it was going to be the final version for retail release ?


Awesome to hear as we know you’ll give it a thorough workout with honest independence. :beers::sunglasses::vulcan_salute::sparkles:


Difficult to say and my opinion on it may attract unneeded sensitivity. Anything is possible; just imho this is no real deals for backers as was hyped in PD 1 or during the m1 test phase. Sometimes new additions don’t meet self hype. :beers::thinking::vulcan_salute::sparkles:


100% this. They have all these upgrade plans because they are changing the value of the backer stretch goals so they can offset the $100 downgrade credit and the bundle (if you bought it). This bad way to treat backers


Everyone who is complaining about all that pimax is or has done can always buy your 8k headsets somewhere else… oh! wait…

Just be happy that they have the courage to develop these devices when no one else is. Any other company would just make you pay full retail and that would be that. Try to get a discount from HTC or Oculus. Good luck with that.

I was a 8kX backer that changed to 5k+. I feel like they did right in allowing me to get the headset I wanted and are now allowing me to do the same and keep the original. If you don’t like the BS and Controller deal, just get the headset alone and buy the controllers/Basestations directly from steam, that’s what I did and got them today. I only have to wait for the headset. Meanwhile I can use the 5k+ with the new controllers and be happy.

In the Future I suggest you just pass on buying anything from Pimax. Nothing they do will make you happy.


Yeah your right should never trust a company’s words as honorable & avoid disappointment.

Jim be serious, if pimax had honored their word majority would be happy & only a few with unrealistic expectations unhappy. A simple 20% discount for backers(loose nothing) & a 10% discount to pre orders would be plenty for now & anytime as thanks for those who honored them by backing & pre ordering.

But the deals are not deals but trade offs. I feel for the support personnel trying to sort things out.

BTW - Since you mentioned Oculus. I don’t expect pimax to do the free headset like they did for was it Dk1 or Dk2 folks?


Its my money I spent it how I want, with or without someone’s suggestions tyvm.

Pimax pushing the envelop = im happy
Pimax removing shipping fee from plan F = im happy
Pimax making 8kx = im happy
Pimax making heavy restrictions on coupon(or should i say credit) = im not happy

So you are wrong, there are things they do make me happy and some not.


I understand your points. However, I ended up paying only $660. for a $1300 Headset. I think that is a bargain. nearly 50% discount. and I keep the 5k+ which is still worth something. I get that they could have handled things much differently and I don’t want to come across as a Pimax fanboy but I have an HTC Vive, 1 Oddysee+, two Pimax 4ks, and the HP Reverb (new version). Of all of them, the Newly purchased Pimax 8kX will be the headset to beat and I feel privileged to be able to acquire one for such a cheap price. The other stretch goals were mostly junk add-ons in my opinion. I had ordered the 10 meter cable which they have given me a credit for and now another $100 refund so I’m do not feel cheated at all. None of the other headset makers have sent me any kind of offer to upgrade nor have they sent me any kind of refunds after they have released new headsets.

I am just tired of all of the disgruntled customers needing to blame somebody else because they did not think through the problems a kickstarter might cause before they made the decision to be a backer. Pimax has no obligation to any of us that have received what we backed. That is just how it works. I am only suggesting a little gratitude for what they are trying to do. No one is obligated to give up their stretch goals unless they are willing to trade up. I don’t have any problem with that. It’s a choice, no one is being forced to do it.

Unfortunately, Pimax will ultimately fail because they try to cater to every person. No company on earth can afford to do business like that and remain in business. All of the rest of the VR companies produce a product without even asking customers what they want. The final product is made available and you pay for it or not. They treat the sale as final. I do not like this business model but the business world is like that. I just don’t have the influence to change it.

In conclusion, I cannot speak for anyone else but I’m happy with my purchase until it is proven to be a bad one.


It’s not even Catering Jim. You were fortunate to be one of 400.

Pimax said themselves backers would be honored & when X is available we would get a discount. Current offerings are not Discounts as every offer wants ppl to give up items not delivered yet at roughly 1:1 credit. They created this by promising deals; hyping that there would be actual deals & delivering mainly lemons.

There should be a direct discount for those whom stay the course & want to support them buying a newer model.

Even if only the Current Owner deal - the $100 downgrade credit.

Or a version of it -$150 base “Stay the Course” -$100 downgrade credit. Split the $150 in half & give the trade offs -$75 to each skip KS obligations deal option A to D.

@PimaxVR discuss compromise. New profit is new not banking on forcing trade offs.


Also, let´s not forget Pimax said on the 8kX that it was gonna be a kickstarter-limited only

and that it was (based on internal testing) no significant improvement over the original 8k

Here we are, 2 years later, man did they change course from that statement

I kind of believe them on that, actually… If their testing was with the infamous p8k screens, and… umm… (ahm, if they were too incompetent to know themselves, that those were “faux-k”), there wouldn’t have been any resolution to make a difference.


Hey Jim, I’m curious, were you an 8k X backer? Because I need to find out how you got that deal, it’s costing me like $1100 and $300+ in stretch goals. Sure I will only give them $629+shipping more, but they already have $470 of my money in their hands, and just to be clear everyone that gives up their $300 for the bundle has made a big mistake, the base stations alone are worth $330.


@PimaxVR @PimaxUSA

I have had some PM’s with Pimax personnel, but at this point it would be entirely appropriate to hear/see a statement from Robin Weng. Robin was on camera at length during the kickstarter speaking with what I think we all believed to be honesty and sincerity about how important backers are to the mission of his company. About how Pimax wanted to (my words) serve VR enthusiasts and to bring a product to the market with superior technology and competitive pricing. That product may finally be coming with the 8K+ and X but backers have been forced with the option of keeping their half baked goods or to purchase the Pimax product TWICE.

Now that the company has been called out on some pretty unethical conduct, Robin seems to prefer radio silence.

I want Robin Weng to explain himself to us all.


You can chat (not live) about an order you have placed.


I second that! We should at least shine light on the good and the bad.

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Sorry here I go again…
I understand your point - but that part only fits for 8kx backers - all else got the HMD they backed or choose one of the two available at the time. ( some exceptions)
So it takes longer? Yes that sucks but is normal for Projects, especially KS.
It does not have the quality you wanted? Yes that sucks but it’s far from unusable- for me it’s the HMD I am using- and it works nicely with more then promised at KS. Sure It would be nice to have a new model as trade in but the current gen works, don’t they? My car dealer never offered to upgrade my car to the facelift (and bug reduced) model - early adopters often take those less perfect products.

They could have made a simple upgrade option? Sure like @Heliosurge suggested simple xx% would have made things easier- I guess they wanted to offer many paths to do that and had their reasons. But none are forced to anything- you want an X you buy one and can even get it cheaper - it matters none if you like the deal. They estimated what they can take down and by what means and offered that - it’s take or leave. I don’t get it, that it’s not a perfect fit to you KS Pledge has many reasons and might cause frustrations- but that’s not the way this math works. We are talking about an investment, not a pure purchase. We could have simply burned the money, every thing else was fortune working in our favor. Prices increase, partners change or change there products and prices…

I understand the disappointment- but at times it’s close to punishing pimax for not making all of your wishlist dreams come true in your personal flavor. KS is gambling and taking the risk to loss it all - that did not happen. If you want the perfect product you must wait for at least the second gen of that product- it’s like that for cars, GPUs, CPUs and I guess almost all else. I expect that NVIDIA will not upgrade my 2080TI to the 3080TI made in the refined 7nm process - would be lovely- but it’s not going to happen.

all those complains i can understand if you bought the stuff through the store. We Backers take risks and we are offered (imho) fair trades to account that- not perfect, but fair business wise considering how projects for new stuff go. The only part that I think Pimax really screws up every time is clear, continuous communication. They try for sure, but I guess manpower and project size are just at 120% and they focus on development - that’s also not only bad …


i was an 8kX backer but cancelled my pledge and re-pledged for the 8k which i downgraded to the 5k+. I also had a $100 credit for the Pimax 4k BE being mis labelled. that with the trade in value of the stretch goals and the giving up of the controllers and base station brought the price down. The $100 refund is baked into my final price too. I did buy the controllers from valve because i have V1.0 base stations. so, technically I did pay more than $660. I still feel like it is a bargain. Nobody else has 4K per eye available. I can afford it, so I don’t really care so much about price as others might.


Good for you Jim.

But I don’t feel any of this is about the price at all. It’s about getting treated faily and with respect. We haven’t seen much of that sadly. Apologies yes, but every time they’ve turned out to be just words.

Too many promises… also just words as it turns out.


I don’t want to belabor this too much, and I am hoping you’ll see my replies here as a response in a dialog, as opposed to the usual internet flamefest…

I think there are a number of people here who would not make these two points an equivocation. I for one was reluctant to get a half baked headset. I even postponed receiving mine in the first batch- but even going on a later shipment- cracking and signal loss because of some cable connection issue.

Perhaps call it punishing. I call it accountability. This is not a pie-in-the-sky wishlist. Consider this- had they been unsuccessful with this endeavor, I would have my half baked headset and that would be that. I backed a bad KS and yes- you need to accept that reality. HOWEVER what we have here is very different. Pimax has continued to make improvements to the headset based on our failures. This is not a new product, it’s a new iteration of our product. What they have done is rebranded the fixes as a new product and they clearly have done so to escape the obligation they would have to making our headsets complete and viable. I consider this incredibly unethical and aim to broadcast it across the internet. The 8K+ “vision” is the goddamn 8K. They have changed the name to make us go away.

Everything about this upgrade campaign is a SHAM. They should either credit us our money and give us the stretch goals, or take back the headsets and allow us to buy into a + or an X at a reasonable cost. If the switch between 5k+ and 8k was $100 USD it should be something similar plus a cost for the improved displays. To be fair, I don’t expect there to be 1:1 exchange between an 8l and an 8k+. but $750??? That’s CRIMINAL.

Pimax has funding and capitol. They are solvent. They are going to act like they are a lemonade stand to dodge their obligation. I never asked for a half baked headset and here they are finally making the real deal. I want a finished headset. There are 6000 of us. They have no right to shaft us like this.

Now I am being silenced. What in this post was inappropriate???