My coupon where it is?


Where i can get / or find my coupon (100dollars) ?

Got it in old store , but now my store account is gone.

I made new one, using same

But no coupon there ???

Please help, would like to use it now to mas

whats this coupon for?

I got it when my 5k+ cracked in corner.

im unsure of where you can find it and what you can use it for since your case is special maybe @Matthew.Xu @SweViver @Heliosurge may be able to help!

I have one of those too. Haven’t checked it, but it seems I should… :roll_eyes:

Were You a pre-order customer? If so, they said in the PD2 show that we would also be getting the MAS (like announced around pre-order time).

My coupon doesn’t work either:

It was given to me in SUPEN-4497 by @Alan.sun.

FYI @PimaxUSA/@SweViver. Coupons given earlier this Year seems to be expired.

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My SUPEN-5106 , got 100 then and now cant find it anymore.

Pimax , please help us.

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Still no answer, can anyone in pimax check my account?

If you don’t want to join the upgrade.
Please go to the helpdesk and create a ticket. We will verify that the user information is correct and send you $100 credit by email. Thank you.

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All ready made ticket about 2 days ago…

Similar situation. My ticket in Pimax Store is #19226, created several days ago. The only answer I got was

"Hi backer,

About upgrade plan,you can open this link for more information.
Please contact us with any question,we are always happy to help.
Thanks for your support and have a good day!

Best regards

I sent 2 replies after that and got nothing. Please send me my 2 $100 coupons because upgrade options do not look interesting to me @Matthew.Xu

I’m really sorry for the late response. The response may be slow due to too many tickers. We’ll speed things up. Please give us some more time.
Thank you for your patience.

With everything pimax please be patient and wait.:wink:

Thats why I’m holding off of any actions for at least a month. May cost a place in line but will spare me some aggression in the meantime.