My first reviews and my test of 5k+ (bubbleball)



Raw file video (not recommend to watch by google drive player).


So weird that i barely notice it lol. Guess your brain hates imperfection :smile:. I really hope it isnt that bothersome for you.


I just get my eyes from superman, lol.


Ffs I carnt see what the fxxk ppl on here are going on about what black dots I carnt see anything .
I think a lot of ppl are taking the pimax build quality a bit to far and exp to much it’s not going to be perfect


The way to check dead pixel and take a video.

  1. Use desktop mode in steamvr.
  2. open color bg on desktop for full display.
  3. Use the controller to point the dead pixel and place it stable.
  4. You should remove head strap, it will be more easier to shoot the video.
  5. find controller pointer and use your mouse to circle the dead pixel.
  6. move headset a little bit to show the movement of the dead pixel


5k+ dots reported by sweviver just after berlin backer meet. If you can’t see them you are blessed; luke folks whom have difficulty seeing sde difference between 5k+ & 8k’s less sde.


I just notice that the black scene in FORM is grey by itself after check game play from other video, may try another game later.


Looks OK to me. Not perfect but something I would easily get used to.


I’ve just got replay from pimax and they are letting me upgrade to 8k . Funny how they reply to you when money is in play lol
I was happy getting the 5k till I see this post and I don’t won’t to take the chance. I would raver have a fully working one with no dots and a ok image than a nice crisp image with problems

But I’m leaving it for a week still thinking it over


Just test vorpx + battle field 1, it look worse again when I can see these black dots are appeared although for a sec. May have to use for a week and can conclude that these black dots are not annoy me and familiar with them (I think vive pixel still not annoy me like these dots).

About vorpx, I just use it first time, image look too dark, maybe cause of the wrong soluton and make the image like a pirate movie which be zoomed from the theater. Then I swap to the vive and image and color look better. Have to try more, if anyone has any tips, please tell me. thanks.


Hello, thanks for the review. What base stations are you using? Did you have two of Vive’s Lighthouse base stations already? I was under the impression that Pimax is not ready with their controllers and base stations.

I’m in the 3,000 backer range so I need to know if I need to buy one light house base station on ebay. Does the unit work with 1 Lighthouse base station? I don’t need room scale as I’ll be using it for DCS flight sim only. Thank you


I have 2 light house, but will test 1 base and report today.
But if you don’t have controller, I think you don’t need base station because the headset already has gyro sensor inside and you can play sitting game, but if you want 6dof for DCS, that is okay.


Thank you so much for testing. I know you get 3DOF tracking w/ the built in Gyro’s. But in the past, the original 4K units had a lot of tracking even when just sitting down. I can’t wait to hear back on your 1 station test. Thanks again. I sure wish Pimax’s stations and controllers were shipping with the unit.


I test by blast the past which be sitting game and use one base station.

I still not see any problem.


Conclusion of distorion.

  1. Edge distortion
    You can see more distortion when you use bigger fov.
    How the effect?
    When you turn left and look the the right edge, the scale of image will be resize at smaller width. And so when you turn around you will see the world at the edge has wrong proportion. Last time I have test the revive, it has some wrong distortion when turn around, the movement is smooth, but not relate to the head. Although image still be the correct proportion, I think it has a little bit faster moving of some part of image which be difficult to see.

Large fov in steamvr home, I found that the bottom-left edge has some distortion like a water drop, it always jittering, but not found in the game.

Wrong rendering effect. After I swap to test vive and return to use pimax again, I found some wrong rendering at the edge, This is very easily to see because the effect is around 1 cm, but after restart PiTool, every thing is fine.
p.s. If you return from vive, may all base station is blue, but they are not track the controller and headset, you have to delete all device in lighthouse folder and restart PiService.

  1. Blurry Effect, although you use normal fov, the distortion is less, but you will still see some blurry effect, image will be look more blur than the center of the lenses and if you can see the black ring at the center, it will be closed to this blurry area and that can make you feel like the distortion, but still be better.

I am not sure that eye tracking can solve this blurry because it is the lenses properties.
Although I use the small fov, I still can see some blurry at the edge, but just a small, have to try to close the outer edge of the lenses. If you immersive with the game and not look at it, you may forget about this.

I think you have to use headset enough until you familiar with this blurry.

  1. Center distortion effect, for people who have less IPD, please use any wall between each lenses to block another image from opposite lenses, this effect can cause in a lot of headset. May you not see the image from another lenses, but it still have some light at the inner edge of the lenses.

edit : May this is floating image instead, when test more with another face foam which has more thicker, the center has more distortion like look thought the fish eyes lenses.

These are all effect which I have test, I will check by myself when I can forget about those effect.


Wonderful. Thank you for testing it.


I suspect one thing, I think when we turn around the image at the edge should be stretching, but the image is shrinking instead when I try to look at it.


Yeah the distortion causes the world to compress near the edges


I think that although we look at the center and turn around, this distortion still not be right. Although don’t use eye tracking, it still need to be fixed.


Oculus game

Today lucky tale can’t play

And one problem, the height always wrong and when I want to use openvr advanced setting to set the new height, I can’t use systeam button to open dashboard, the game will always go to steamvr home instead.

try by revive instead, have same problem then try to oepn oculus and get alert.

May try again.

Edit : Can be play right now after oculus can be opened .

Solution : adjust room setting in PiTool to be around 90 and can play this game.