My first reviews and my test of 5k+ (bubbleball)



Gunheart : The first game which I really playing, not investigate for issue.

Fov : Normal

While my gpu is only 1070, so I can set in game graphic at normal only.
If I set to utlra, the game still show, but the headset is dead and show grey bg inside. Then I have to restart PiService again to solve the problem.

The clarity is very impressive, when play game and look at long distance, will not see center black ring so much and now the fov is become more impressive. Yes I forget about distortion and blurry too.

Forget to tick out the “Compatible with parallel projection”, the image is not overlap correctly and there is some rainbow around the object, but no problem in the game.

Game run smoothly and graphic still be very impressive, not check fps because it look fpsvr always disappeared from dashboard again.

The black dot can be notice when you stop the game and open the menu which be red bg, and can see black dot on red floor too. So although you are immersive with the game, but it still have a chance to see these dot again until you think that it is acceptable.

The right controller always disconnected sometimes, but just see that there is some box in the room which can block the base station. Will try it again.
edit : no more problem in second round.

Last time I feel little dizzy when play on vive, but no that feeling on 5k+.


Beat Saber : The first times I am impressive with fov.
Fov : Normal ,Large

When you play another game you still found that you are wearing some ski glasses.
But if you try the beat saber, you will feel more wow with the fov because you will focus at the center of the game while you still feel that there is another environment around you. Your world is expand absolutely. The reason is because the game has dark tone.

This game make me impressive more than testing the fruit ninja which have a lot of distortion and blurry effect.

The image look very clear and sharp.
I feel that the normal fov look more sharp than large fov (may be automatically sampling and my gpu can’t work good enough on large fov). large fov have a feeling of some white brightness layer over the game for a little (sometimes I have to wipe the lenses a lot of times ).

Conclusion, I almost like the headset, and will be more greater if it not have black dot, wait to try this game again on odyssey soon.![24964|690x389]

This is the position where controller out of my view.


Head strap
Long band, but too short velcro (loop side), when my kids play it, it risk to make the headset fall.
At the side, you have to make more longer velcro.

@Dallas.Hao @Pimax-Support @Sean.Huang


Fov : Clarity

I feel that the normal fov has more clarity than large fov for a little bit, I test by font on the starter page of beat saber or font of Age of sail title.

I still not sure that this is because resolution or ipd is change, it look when I use large fov, I have to decrease my ipd for best stereoscopic, if it is as I said, may ipd measurement is not the correct value absolutely, but at least you still have the middle value before increase or decrease.

I use large fov for Age of sail and not see any distortion.

Try to adjust steamvr super sampling on fly, but not see any change, set pimax render quality to 2.0 and still din’t notice something change. May have to test by other game.


SDE & Brightness

After I play around 5 days, I familiar with the sde and horizontal line because the clarity is greater than I will serious with the sde, so sde is not big problem, the real problem still be black dot. Maybe have to play around 1 month and accept them, lol.

How about feeling, I think the sde give me feeling like playing PSVR, yes you always notice the sde and I think this is look like PSVR which has better sharpness and clarity.

About brightness, I think it is more friendly with me when I play on lucky tale, when I first time playing lucky tale on odyssey, it has too much high brightness and after that my eyes have problem and can notice floater in my eyes.


“Grey scale (look like the headset is disconnected) when running high graphic game with low gpu”.

If you play some game and your gpu is not enough to run, it may take some effect such as grey bg in the headset.

When I test Epic Roller Coaster, the game is very jerky when choose the scene. After start the game, the game is loading and the headset become grey screen. After wait for a minute and all object in the game finished loading. You can play it normally.


Distortion & Blurry.

After I try to play in the real game (not investigate), I feel that these effect are not big issues. I can’t notice it anymore after using headset for 2-3 days.

I try Age of sail with larger fov and not see any distortion. I think my brain can learning about these effect already.
So only one problem of large fov for me is “it can’t run the game because low gpu or get low fps”.

May be it up to each game rendering too.


Battle Zone
Fov : Normal
Fps : 23.5

I always dizzy when play this game, but no that much feeling on pimax 5k+ although fps is very low.

I try to adjust super sampling in fpsvr to 500%, but still not see anything change too much. Image look clear.

The game run smoothly, there is only some image wobble when turning head.

If you can play this game without dizzy, I am sure that you can play a lot of game right now, lol.


Google Earth
Note : some strange issue.

I test this and on start page, when I move the right controller around, I can see the reflection of controller at the inner edge. I test to close one eye or make a wall between lenses by finger. It still have this reflection of controller (blue colour).

So may some game can cause wrong rendering by itself, not found this effect on another game.


How can 23 fps considered smoothly?
I am, as stated several times, sensitive to low Hz and low fps. And 23 is insanely low.
Though I wonder why many Pimax users share your understanding of smooth. We don’t have asw and/or brainwarp which makes low fps even worse. So is there anything about Pimax that makes low fps more bearable compared to other HMDs? And if, what and why?


Perceptional bias. Those not sensitive to low frames are unlikely to perceive low frame disruptions.


In my experience in battle zone, if you not turn your head and use controller to turn, the game can play smoothly, It has problem only when you turn head and found wobble image sometimes.

But if you familiar with this wobble and don’t think it not big problem, I think you can play the game.

Sometimes, although I run some game in high fps, but still see some wobble by bug of reprojection.


If you need to watch dark and light to check some flare, I recommend

Fantasyncth (free and wonderful).

I will test this later on odyssey+ to compare.


Parallel Projections & SteamVR Application Resolution Setting (ss) & FpsVR conclusion


My pimax broken!!

Headset is never fall and place on the foam when unused, today I try to set room for check lucky tale.

After take it from the floor, I feel somthing cut my hand and found it is broke.

Notice for a lot of day that when I hold the haedset. It has sound when press the headset.

Lucky I have to replace my headset for dead pixel, but hope that this will still be in warranty too.


looks like the housing issue right there. I thought they had fixed that problem?


How they can fix it? The housing already is on mass production.
IMO Pimax need silicone headset case ASAP.


Problem is we don’t know the sensor position, so it should do by pimax first for prototype…


The Great C : wow

Fov : Normal
Fps : 29

This short animation which not be world scale, but you will be very get that benefit because you will see the environment around and I like it so much when you play it on the pimax, this is very impressive. Image look beautiful.

Furious seas : Increditble!!

Fov : Normal
Fps : 20

I like the sea of this game so much, it look beautiful. last time I just test on vive and samsung odyssey. I just like it. But when you test in on pimax, it is incredible. All look beautiful and look real in bigger scale. Although I like to play game on sitting mode, but the standing mode will make you be more fun. I am very appreciate so much. Although you use low brightness, colour still look great.

Seeking dawn : enjoy

Fov : Normal
Fps : 21

When I play seeking dawn on samsung odyssey, the game always jerky. Although I got very low fps on my pc with gtx 1070, but this game still smooth to play for me, will wait to see on some scene later, may have more object. But in parallel projection mode, I still can play in 13 fps.

Star Rage VR : Great experience if you are fan of starship trooper movie.

Fov : large
fps : - (can’t remember test later).

Yes, when I play the game first time, I have to be shocked with the big size of monster and the world environment, although it is not high quality graphic, but game still be fun.

I keep this game to play with pimax for a year and when I start to play it again in scene 2, wow wow wow. This is a great experience I want to see in vr, the big world and more fov can make you see a lot of monster are coming in the same time.


I think it’s the 3rd or 4th time I saw the housing breaking apart exactly at this position. I thought they have fixed this issue during the M1/M2 phase?