My first reviews and my test of 5k+ (bubbleball)



Maybe still have some problem with some headset. I get the jackpot lol.


I really like to read this game impressions! Thank you very much!


Small fov mode

When I test some google spotlight such as “Rain or shine”
It can’t play smoothly on normal fov mode, so I have to use small fov instead.
If you can play vive normally, pimax can play well on small fov mode too.

So if people still not have a chance to upgrade your pc, I think small fov mode is a good option which still make more better experience.


3.5 mm headphone.

I always found that the sound always loud only one side, it need plug out the cable and plugin again to solve this issue.


Fix crashed game

Gpu 1070
Ram ddr3 16gb


Fov : Small
Parallel Projection : yes
fps : 25
While my spec is low when I try to open ARK PARK in 100% steamvr and normal fov, the game always crash by rendering.

Solution is you has to stop to use overwrite (manual) or the super sampling of steamvr and so you can open the game without crashing, small fov is more recommended than normal fov. The game look okay, still good to play although not be the most beautiful.

Hellblade senau’s sacrifice vr edition

Fov : Small
Parallel Projection : yes
fps : 20
When I can open this game, but never continue the game which I have ever played on vive, so I to use the same setting like ARK Park.

I found that the game still be crashed.
After that I found that the real cause is I have ever setting the Resolution Scale at highest value, So I adjust the graphic to be “very high” and set scale only “140” for default, then you can play the game normally,

I stil recommend the “small fov” only, if you use “normal fov”, you should set graphic in the game at “High” only and image look more blurry.

Although image is not the best, but I notice that the game still be look more clear than vive although using the same “scale” at 140

(Vive) Please look to see that the right big wood, it don’t have hole.

(Vive) In high resolution scale, you can see more detail and you will see some hole because more clarity.

But on pimax 5k+, although you use the same low resoltion, the detail still look good, you can see some hole on the right big wood.

When I know that the real problem is about “Resolution Scale” in the game to make the game to be crashed, then I can set the SS at 100% and still can play the game. But I never to play in other scene, this is just for test and I will keep this game to play with more performance of gpu & cpu for better graphic.


hello i tried Furious seas again,but the performance is bad…

if i move my hands you see the jitter or stuttering…

I have a rtx 2080ti,i7700k and 32gb internal what could be the problem?

or is it bad for you too?

it looks great thoo


I found jitter when start of the scene, but after that not found too much.
I can run at 22 fps, but your pc has more high spec, I think it should run smoothly more than me.

My setting
Steamvr (no beta).
SS : 100%
parallel projection : yes
fov : normal.

PiTool 0.95


More thickness face foam test.


Vox Machine : The best game to test you are distract by black dot pixel or not.

In tutorial mode, the scene is desert and there is yellow-brown color all the scene and you can see the black dot easily. I still not play the full game, but I found that the black dot is easily distract me so much.

So if you want to test about black dot, this is a game I want to recommend.

At least I use this game to check about IPD setting.


Black Level : Look different in each game.

When I try elight dangerous, it will be dark-grey as people said.

But when I try Titanic VR, the black is more worse, I think because this game not use the real black and the it become grey-white. It look like some white layer is on the top before other layer. “Form” is similar.

When I try to play “Serious Sam the Last hope” stage 2, it is dark room and have some light, it make better black color. So I try “Super VR Trainer” which also has the dark room and you have to use the light to spot the room. I found that the black which has long distance has more black level.

Note : When I adjust the brightness on vive, I feel that the black level may relate to contrast which lower than brightness.


New replacement : More little weight.

The housing look stronger than old, but has more weight about 20 g. only. Old 520 g, new 540 g.

Black dots : Difficult to notice
Yes it is very difficult to notice until you focus on it while moving head on the white, red, orange brown colour.


hey do you know where is the pic you posted comparing your old and new 5k+? i want to prove to someone the black dots are gone…


Watch the below commet, there are some capture.