My honest review to the Pimax 8k


Well I had alot to struggle but now I finaly can present You my review for the Pimax 8k

A 5K+ review is coming as well.

For German speakers there’s also a German version avaiable.


I Like the comparison between the vive gear vr. Nice review


Hi Hank congrats. What day did you receive?


I get the same broken as present in 8.05, but in the bottom.


Never knew who you were until today. I must say I’m impressed with the review.

Very well presented

Very professional

Please watch the video if you haven’t I would say. Long, yes but very thorough, in fact, I don’t think even the
Three amigo’s were as thorough. For those with ADD may want to avoid.

@xunshu Pimax is so lucky to have quality you tubers such as Hank to provide information in such a format and with such quality. I’m a fan now please sign this guy up.

I Think the Three Amigo’s should move over or make room for one more. Voting for you as the Fourth Amigo.
Great job.

I love my Pimax 8k even though not perfect.

@Heliosurge if Hank would allow could you please keep this video front and center. I had a difficult time finding it here in Reviews after logging out to watch it my private youtube account and than logging back it was missing from the 8k category. Found of course under reviews but unfortunately not everyone goes there like myself browse the main Pimax category where the action seems to mostly be.

overall good and helpful review

Please continue your english versions really enjoyable to listen to and view. Hope you get many more subscribers if that is what you want?



Will see what I can do & add a wiki post to review directory.