My impressions of the 8K Plus

So today is was at the VR Berlin location, but as you probably read, the 8KX were both broken.
Still it was no failure at all to go there, even if i could “only” see the 8K Plus.
The whole team there was super nice (thanks again guys, if you read this).

I played some “Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator” i think, which had not the best outside visuals, but the cockpit itself looked stunning.
There was a plate with small text to left of the head, although the text was a little bit blurry, i could read it without a problem. Same with the instruments, a little blur but really not to bother while playing.
I concentrated on the display, looking for SDE or single pixels, and i have good eyes…
I could notice a very small vertical SDE, but only while concentrating on it in the small focused part of the image. I think while playing noone will ever notice this.

Later i tried Elite Dangerous, where a lot of text, lines and circles really shows how good a headset is.
And again it did not let me down. There was some aliasing on the circles for the shields, but not more than on my monitor, i could read every text easily.
I did not concentrate on the blacks, but ED looks really beautiful in the 8K Plus.

This was the moment when i told SweViver, if my 8K would look like this, i wouldn’t bother buying the 8KX.
He told me for him, the difference from 8K Plus to 8KX is even bigger than from 8K to 8K Plus, which is very hard to believe.

I also tried the eye tracking with whac-a-mole and a color demo of the tracking.
The colored tracking seemed to work pretty well, only those damn moles were mocking me, on the far left i could not get them at first.
But i can’t say whether it was the tracking, as i said the color demo looked good.

The comfort was very good, not perfect, but i did not take much time adjusting it. Only with the ceiling lights from the back there was some problem, when i looked down it was visible in the lenses through the sides. This would be the only real critique i have right now.
Unfortunately there was no sound enabled, i did not realize this until afterwards, since the headphones are not recognizable as such.

I don’t know how big the current surge was, or how it originated, it was enough to trigger an alarm, but i won’t speculate.
My devices are connected to a overvoltage protection, and now Pimax will have two eyes on this.

I chose one of the backer plans two weeks ago, an i don’t regret it.
I only regret having given up my eye tracking discount, maybe i try to change that.
And i would prefer actual on/over ear headphones, but i have good wireless HP, no need for more.

I hope this helps some of you.


Thanks for feedback !

Waow, yes, 8kX might reach vision sight limit for most of people then !


Awesome review! As a backer were you a 5k+ or 8k?


Have not tested 8k but the step between 5k+ and 8k+ is bigger then 8k+ to 8k-x, it was sharper in the 8k-x but not that big diference.


Have Pimax confirmed that that their 10 meter cable will work with the 8kx while using the upscale chip ?

IT will NOT work!!!

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Oh ok It looks like the 8k+ will be my only option then as I need at least 7 meters


Nobody with actual authority or in the know has answered this even though it’s an easy test on their end. That can only be because it doesn’t work and they don’t want to lose people buying the 8k+ instead of the 8kX with this specific need for wireless or cable extension by coming forward with this information and hoping we just buy the 8kX on a chance it will work or find out too late or they truly are that lazy and won’t try it.

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Actually, it was stated that 5m work and more is in testing in the labs… but they are still working on it - which does not mean there will be more than 5m. Not sure if PiMax is to blame for not giving a final Statement if they are still researching and working with Partners on it - this is the price of cutting edge - expanding the boundaries in every area is not an easy task…

EDIT: @Hardcoder - thanks for the review! I also choose the None Eyetracking only because the other one was bugged …. as where the Coupons… I hope they will make a fair backers Price for the Eyetracking as soon as available. -> (8 K X)


I backed the 8k (and did not switch)


I think it will be several weeks or even months before we can buy it.
It was the old eye tracking module, not for the new headsets, and he said they want to move the cameras a bit as it may touch the eyes or glasses of some.


That isn’t news, it was always slated to come with a 5m cable. The question was if it could be extended by 2 or 3m.


Did not have the chance to test + or X but I am expecting bigger difference between 8k vs 8k+ than 8k+ vs 8kX

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But thats what he wrote, read it like this
“Actually, it was stated that 5m work … and more is in testing in the labs”


It’s just his vernacular or the way he phrased it, as it always worked with 5m cable. We really just want to know and have been asking for weeks now (refusing to assume an outcome and make a purchase decision) if a short extension can be used or wireless on upscaled mode.

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I suppose this is Sweviver getting carried away in his new role as a sort of a sales guy.

He himself said earlier that the difference bewteen the 8K+ and 8KX was actually rather subtle. Especially in terms of SDE it should be identical as they are said to use the same displays. Only the level of detail should be better in the 8KX for obvious reasons.

@Sweviver: regarding the Aerofly demo - if the quality of the landscape was noticeably mediocre, I assume you have not utilized any of the payable DLC‘s for hi-res areas offered by Aerofly ? I would recommend loading the Swiss one, it is just stunning to experience the mountains in hi-res!


Greetings from Martin folks. This guy is doing an insane job for the company few of you will ever fully comprehend :smiley:


Yeah, just need to remember native vs upscaled image. same panels. It should be close most of the time. Just the fine details at hi res will show the diff.


@Hardcoder how about colors & black lvl between your 8k and 8k+ ? Can you tell us differences if you noticed any ?


Native vs upscaled image.

Put a resolution before Native Monitor resolution and then play at a game you like.

How much is bad ?