My impressions off the 5kplus(sorry for my bad english)



I backed the 8K but i am a very late backer and i couldnt wait any longer so i purchased a 5kplus here from a forum member that i recieved this week…

Also was i curious about the 5kplus vs my upcoming 8K.

I had the Psvr,htc vive,htc vive pro,samsung odyssey plus and still have the oculus rift…

I Always liked the oculus rift the best because off the screen and the controllers.(yea the odyssey had great colors but was a bit blurry and i couldnt stand the controller tracking)

When i recieved the 5kplus the first thing i did is modify it with a vive deluxe audio strap,that was a big step up in comfort!

Without the vive deluxe audio strap i wasnt impressed at first,but after attaching it it was way better…

The first thing i realy missed were my oculus touch controllers those vive wands are terrible(so hurry up with those vive knuckles)

The screendoor was for me a litttle more visible then the oculus rift(a bit strange,but the field of view is offcourse alot bigger)

Also almost no godrays,and a great sweetspot(this was terrible on the vive pro)
And no ghosting effects.

The clarity is amazing,and if you look for it you will find the black dots in the image)
Also i wished those screens were color calibrated a bit better.

When gaming, the distortion at the sides is no problem.
you wont see them anymore(only if you look for it)

I do miss the blacks because they are more grey ,so some games look worse.(the haunted grave yard looks way better on the odyssey plus and also on the oculus rift).

Also a great example is the experience: The great C.You see the short comings off the lcd screens here,but never the less its still a great experience because the big field off view.(you need to watch this,the animation is art).

But we now these lcd screens cant put out great blacks,but we know that before.
They need a good calibration as i said before.It wont help with the blacks(maybe a little)But the colors will look better for sure!

But after playing wardust on this device it put a big smile on my face with the clarity and the immersion because off the wide field off view.

You will see alot off details with the pimax 5k plus…

Also contractors was a blast in the pimax.

I also tried a old game :battlezone
here there was also far more immersion and everything very readable …great!

The boxing game creed rise off glory looks also great!

Wth pinball fx its also a big plus to have the field off view,its nice to see what happens besides the pinball machine without moving your head.It feels more immersed.

With elite dangerous the clarity is a big plus ,every thing is good to read but the blacks are grey(but i never found the skies real black on any device)

Now i wait on the 8k and see how it compares,but so far very happy!


One my all time favs is Battlezone. Nice review, thx!


After playing more wardust on the 5k plus,it realy realy looks amazing with great clarity and what a immersion because off the field off view…

What a blast! you totaly forget the screendoor with this game…
Just a little calibration on the colors and contrast etc would give it even more a boost off joy…

So pimax,calibrate those devices!

Pimax you made the first step for customers to try the bigger field off view,now try to make it even better…!!


Ye its about time we had some news on the calibration of the colors.



thanks for your impressions. I’m glad that you like the headset (he bought it from me). My Samsung OD+ will arrive in two days.

Your english is good and understandable but you should correct all the words “off” into “of”. :slight_smile:


If not include the fov, what image do you prefer between 5k+ and odyssey+.
How often you notice on black dot while playing?


while playing i dont see the black dots,

without the wide field off view i will still choose the 5k plus because off the clarity.

The odyyssey plus is somewhat blurry,but the screendoor is bigger on the 5kplus and the blacks are worse.


Do you notice black dots while playing…? Also, what was your previous headset?


Yes I can see it in some game for sometimes.
My previous headset is vive, but I have ever test all headset and never see these black dots.