[My New Bundle]Pimax and Deluxe Audio Strap



I received my 5K Plus headset last week.All went awesome except the obviously inconvenient headband without earphone.It still takes time to get Pimax headstrap

I decided to use my VIVE Deluxe Audio Strap instead. My new bundle looks f*cking cool.

Here is the file and There are two options :
A)Don’t use 3D Print to print it out(I tried but it sucks)

B)You can try CNC it should be much better than 3D Print.


That looks great. Cant even tell that they’re not meant to be together besides Vive logo on the side. Fantastic job!


Looks great! I’m using the Velcro method currently but I might take the time to try this out. Just have to find a way to get it 3d printed


A really professional solution.
I solved this with a velcro closure.

The htc deluxe audiostrap is a very convenient and high quality solution and the velcro is very simple but extremely tight.


That’s professional.Our backers are amazing !! !!
We has two relevant topic now~~~~


Good job ! (20 character)


That’a good solution too.Great !


What do you mean by CNC? Computerized Numerical Control? Does it need a factory to make it?


That looks awesome! Nice work!
Any chance you’d be willing to make some for us?


You can have a CNC in your house just like a 3D printer.

But it’ll create a lot of dust as it grinds out parts.


Awesome work & congrats. Looks like a purchased adapter. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


By the time you start sending the Pimax audio headset design for tape replacement?

In addition to base stations, controllers, etc…?


That’s facinating. What material should I use for CNC?


Hi Dallas. How about sharing your designs for the new headstrap so backers can give you feedback. Look how terrible the Samsung Odyssey strap is because they didn’t beta test :slight_smile: You could be getting valuable ideas from us. Thanks


Most folks use aluminum or wood. But any material that isn’t brittle should be usable.


Can you sell a complete kit ?


i want to know what is this solid parts means

if that bolt is a custom solid bolt ,then please let me know your solid bolt size and spring size too.

i wish i can order the bolt by internet.

i printed out your file by using CNC tool kit, it’s going well without solid bolt and the spring part

help me!


What the heck is an stp file?

Looks amazing. I used DrCube’s design and also removed the inbuilt headset from the DAS. I just don’t like it


Probably a typo. Likely a stl file.


No, STP file = Step ! You can use AutoCad or SolidWorks