My opinion about SDE both 8k and 5k+ (mr.uu)



Thanks for the info and sharing your video. That’s not a problem, I understand a little French (and speak even less), but I did study it years ago in high school.


Welcome and the aliasing was very good. Actually was suprised of how the game was rending that good



Oh nice, i noticed it is really good in project cars also, it feels great in sims not to stare at pixels and aliased edges in the distance. I did assume it was good in ed also, good to hear that’s the case.


Yes Project Cars 2 and Assetto Corsa are amazing for this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (some other too, In Death for instance)
Oh and I tried Lone Echo…this game is jaw dropping on the 8k.


Can’t wait :slight_smile:


yes nice :slight_smile: and if your in the same country you can meet, then there is no risk involved either. Or swap for a period of time, that is interesting also


Then on Objective facts we know the 5k+ is blocky compared to the 8k as you can see the space between the pixels vertically.


Well to me tge 5k+ is too sharp. So if 10 is real world than the 5k+ would be somewhere between 11.5 & 12. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

The real world is not that sharp.


Maybe but we need graphics like in Immortal 2004 movie.

The CG in this movie is very nice.


I can agree with @SweViver. Base resolution (Target Res base) is the same on both headsets. Remember Marcin does gravitate toward the 5k+ but is seeing improvements in things like Render quality. @voodoodx on the other hand favors the 8k like myself.

@cdaked from what I read of his posts favors the 8k & as we know the Spanish testers like visual qualities. However better for them to weigh in themselves in case I have misinterpreted. @Neoskynet opinions.

But I do agree that the choice is hard. In fact even with Objective info. We have several folks whom did not get to try the headsets before choosing & are quite disappointed with the 5k+ & are Simmers.

Objective “facts” are nice. But in truth an individual needs there own compare as one will often choose what is better to them vs a data sheet.


Just tried again Subnautica with the 5k+ for about three hours straight.

Second impression is better. Minimal difference in the size of the pixels, and (at least for me) more obvious SDE-grid. But more sharp. I know, I repeat myself.

For some reason with the 8k the SDE is only there when I really try hard to look for it, so it does not bother me. I think I am more used to pentile because of my Odyssey.

With the 5k+ I enjoyed the game the same, except occasionally I was torn out of the experience and looking at the pixels (better: SDE€ from time to time.

I could not notice any more/less lag.

At the end I compared the steam resolution settings 5k+ and 8k. It was always slightly bigger in the 8k.
The weird thing is, I could go all the way down to manual and 20% resolution on the 8k and did not notice any difference in game… a bug?


Would you say the 5K+ is “too sharp” (exagerated sharpness) ?


No. It does not look like a sharpening effect applied.
It is a very nice picture.

I would say that the 8k looks slightly blurry.
The 5k+ looks normal.


My uu.uu how much sharper/clearer would you say the 5K+ compared to the Rift? Is it a night and day difference?


The Rift has for me the worst picture of all 1st gen headsets. But I have to add, I did the gearVR lens mod on my Vive, which puts it on another level.

Rift has massive lens flare, too. But it has the best Software-Package and is therefore still my recommendation for somebody who wants to step into PC-VR for cheap with a not so powerful (read:expensive) GPU.

In terms of Picture Sharpness and immersion the Pimax is light years ahead of the Rift.


Well I don’t own an oled pentile headset & find the 8k considerably better than Vive Pro & better than 5k+ but not quite as good as the p4k.

So not used to Pentile headsets. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


Both headsets beat og vive & rift hands down on that.


Yes, the Rift is definitely worse than all WMR HMD and VivePro. Despite the zamylennye pixels, its resolution is at the level of OG Vive.

But the Oculus-touch still remains for me the most pleasant memory of all existing controllers :slight_smile:

Oculus + Touch kit itself is still a competitive VR user friendly solution with high-quality tracking(with 3 cameras) and the best controllers.


This is very weird but yesterday after upgrading firmware to *.176 I noticed Normal FOV and SteamVr SS 100% is very different on each hedset now:
5k+: around 3200x2600
8K: around 3500x3000
I dont have the correct numbers in my head (and i cant test it again until later tonight) but i remember the 8K had noticeably higher resolution when i checked yesterday. Ive never seen that before.


This is what I had in mind, if they put higher “nominal input res” (res shown for pitool 1.0 + steamVR 100%) on the 8K to close the sharpness gap with the 5K+, then no particular optimization has been made.

With this update the 8K will then be more GPU demanding at default setting (pitool 1.0 + steamVR 100%), certainly by the same amount than when you had to set pitool at 1.25 (or whatever) on the 8K to obtain a similar sharpness than the 5K+ at pitool 1.0 (with previous pitool version).