My opinion about SDE both 8k and 5k+ (mr.uu)



@Heliosurge, note that I only tested the prototype version 8K (of which I can not speak) and I have not yet received the final Pimax 8K nor have I tested the 5K+. So I still can’t say anything about it.

Hasn’t anyone exchanged the Pimax 8K’s fried egg fresnel lenses for the Pimax 4K’s spherical lenses yet? It’s very easy. Try it, seriously!!!



@sjefdeklerk Still have your 4K?


Yeah but honestly I dont see why I would even bother trying. These lenses are not made for wide FoV also the distortion profile must be highly off. Also I don’t see how I would attach those lenses to the 5k+ lens holder


Fair enough. If I recall he boxed them off with duct tape


@mr.uu, Would you mind running PC2 again using your 8k with the same in-game settings you used before when you replied in my sim racing specific thread?

I’d like to see if the visual improvements some are seeing with the newer PiTool come at the expense of FPS performance. (Please reply in my sim racing thread.)

I’ve about talked myself into the 5k but am now wavering back towards the 8k due to the reported better look to the 8k with the newer PiTool. Bottom line is can the 8k now maintain 80 FPS with visual quality on par with 5k+ or on par with what you saw before. (In-game setting being the same.)

For me in sim racing, maintaining the target FPS is paramount. My Vive really gets jittery when I fall below 90 though realize the Pimax may not behave this way.


I think I can already answer that without spending a hour min. to test. :joy:
The 8k will always be less demanding, because it needs only 80fps to present a fluid experience. Plus less aliasing but more soft or blur picture.

If FPS is paramount, you can adjust the SteamVR-SS setting to your individual preference, of course together with in game quality settings.

Whatever your choice is, you will be happy.
Especially if Pimax stands to the promise to include other Hz settings in the next pitools revisions… let’s see…


I think that does differ from game to game/ application to application. Most so far did not need to restart SteamVR and applied “on the fly”, but there are exceptions. Or do u mean the global SS setting? Or is it something particular with Pimax?


If you read up on text rendering. Appatently oled pentile uses an algorithm in the display driver board? To adjust subpixel rendering. Would need to evaluate it more. Reception here is bad. But will try to post more when i can.


Very interesting info!
More on this:


That is obvious if GPU pushes the same resolution for both. But supposedly the 8k had to be fed high SS to look good. At least that was the initial assessment by the early testers. I just wanted to know if the purported “better look” came at the cost of FPS.

NP, I won’t bug you anymore.


Thanks so much, for helping me decide on which headset to get! :+1:


5k+ Normal


So standard SS resolution of 8k is a little higher.
Edit: for the lazy: 5k+: 2555x2183. 8k: 2659x2342. GPU: 1080ti


isnt that manual override way to low for the pimax?

i have it on 98% and pitool at 1.0.

Is it better to go lower?


I had to check the box of manual override to show the resolution.
As the suggested % is the same as the selected, it tells you that it is the resolution steam selects on auto. :joy:

If you play with manual override at 98% you will render at much higher resolution, which will result mostly in low fps. So you could optimize for each game. I leave it on auto. (Edit:In subnautica because of performance. Other games i optimize steamvr SS setting individually)


Yes but I wouldn’t recommend going much lower than 70% in Steam VR SS as it starts to look much worse (jagged edges, especially on far distance). At least on PiTool 1.0


Unfortunately Subnautica is not well optimized and needs parallel projection setting on.
Sure it would look better, but i prefer higher fps.
In Assetto Corsa i play with 100% :+1:


Yes but turn down the settings in the developer menus while in game (F1 and F3). It helps a lot. Almost 90fps stable with 2080Ti at least :slight_smile:


Thanks For the Tipp! I will try tomorrow. :+1:


Don’t forget the 5K+ “should” get lower refrsh rate modes. 72hz for exemple should be nice for very demanding games.


Exactly. This is why i stated the above in the same post you quoted. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: