My opinion about SDE both 8k and 5k+ (mr.uu)



Yes, this would tip my scale heavily towards the 5k+. But so far it’s only a promise. Why don’t they just do it now so people can start utilizing and evaluating it?

Or let the 8k run at 72Hz. Yeah, that’s pretty low for a sim where you don’t want lag. But it would be worth a try. If they implemented it now the hundreds of current owners could evaluate it.


@SweViver with the improvements to 8K rendering … maybe it is time to do a new through the lens comparson? Might be helpful for people like me who still can’t decide.


@glassy99 I have already a huge list of videos to make, and im quite behind in schedule lately as u have noticed, but it sounds like a good idea indeed! Anyhow, I will definitely do videos about this once the 5K BE arrives.


To include, I hope, performance comparisons to earlier tests! That is, do the rendering improvements allow less SS/more FPS?

Swe, you probably think I’m stalking you! :face_with_monocle: Peace and love man!! :bouquet:


I have been readingthe whole thread and coudnt find anything aboit the “black dots” on the 5k.

That a matter that puts me away from the 5k+.

Can u please tell how much can they be seen on the 5k+ and if they are that annoying?.. i guess not since no one talked about them…


Check out this thread where I asked about the black dots specifically:


This is all confusing as shit. At least for me. Looking at the 8K,

Sweviver video from Sept gives performance eval using Pitool 1.76. Says great performance and image improvement using Pitool 1.0 and Steam SS of 100% = 2903 x 2557 = 7422971 pixels. (Steam recommends 70% for his 1080ti.) (Does parallel projection play into this? PC2 requires it so I assume the added burden is in effect here?)

Now in this thread, posting mid Dec he says “yesterday” he upgraded to “.176”. Two 176 references. Is that a typo? And .176 with Steaam at 100% yields approximately (from his memory) 3500 x 3000 = 10,500,000 pixels! Gave a hint that he would verify that night.

And now mr.uu shows pixel counts of 2659 x 2342 = 6,227,378. (What version of Pitool is this?) But that 6,227,378 is with SS reduced to 36% ! Swe says don’t go lower then 70%. So what would 70% be? 12 million pixels?

Screw it. I give up! Pimax has hit me again with a notice to make my choice. I told them to send me a damn 8K. (Not using those exact words!) I guess I’ll sell it if it doesn’t work well enough for me.

It’s crunch time and with all this jumping around of Pitool specs and no performance testing late backers are hung out to dry. Sweviver, you don’t owe anybody anything but if you wait much longer your eval will be pointless.


What are you even on about mate


I cam honestly say imho you will like the 8k. With the appropriate settings should perform well.


“This is all confusing as shit. At least for me.”

Does that not say it all? You have high confidence on how an 8k will perform for you? If so I’m happy for you. I’m not there. I’ll know for sure when mine gets delivered. :sweat_smile:

I hope your right. Thanks for the encouragement.


Your welcome. Keep in mind @Fresco has trialed the 8k on a 980ti & @Ludx has trialed on a 1060 6g with encouraging results. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


Pitools .91

Congrats to your choice. You will be happy.

The resolution in SteamVR-SS is not a given.
Anyone can and should adjust this slider for his/her personal performance vs visual quality target.

As we have seen, pimax changes these setting on almost every pitools update.