My own thoughts about V5 prototype and the "mixed" reviews


Truth with the wget statistics might be interesting. However often other headsets have the 1 of the 3 mentioned as a compare. So naturally their counts should be high.


I can make a great prototype
I can have great reviews
And then production is buggy.

Only When backers have M1 at home, we will know if Pimax 8k is a headset for playing VR with games or are technical specification on a piece of paper.

Until now roadshow are Not Good, many mistakes

We ask True games for ces and we had demos

But i hope, I am a backer


Pimax 5/8K are a prototypes. Information (as we all know so well) on the tech and it’s performance is miniscule up until this point. What’s to cover? Hell, we wouldn’t even have seen 4 articles about CES if it wasn’t for the outcry of backers about the first article and how the choice to take P5 to CES was a bad publicity move. The other 3 articles were a result of those backers whining all over the net. Talk about exacerbating a situation and contributing to the very thing they said concern them -bad publicity.
Oculus and Vive- over 1 million units sold
PSVR- over 2 million sold
Pimax 5/8 - near 6000 backers- none sold yet-little information being released yet
Who would you write about?


Obviously the Vive Pro… that was announced in CES and has 35 references on their site already…


Talking about marketing a product that must to be sold to masses (the vive pro).
Yeah…everyone 's writing about it…It must to be “good”.

Come on guys, write another review of the vive pro. It needs some more marketing reviews


How good are ppl to swing away the problem here.

One thing is reporting feedback after testing a proto type.

Another is writing review about a prototype comparing a prototype to a final product, to swing buyers to buy the latest vr gadget on the market (the vive pro).

Tests and reviews of a pimax 8k prototype from testers should be meant to help pimax to develop a better final product, not to put crap on a prototype in comparison to retail products , for the benefit of retail products


@SweViver if its okay can i close this topic as its taken a life of its own with conspiracy inuendos?Without real facts just misperceptions & opinions.


@Heliosurge and @moderators while I appreciate your patience and low profile you usually keep on the forum, given the recent discussions, I would like if you step in more often and moderate not only personal insults, but also keep the threads on topic. It is becoming harder and harder to follow single topic or discussion when everything diverge rapidly after the first post. You can then delete this post as well.


I am working on laying out a plan. Should hopefully be able to post an outline soon. Please be patient.

On a basic idea of plan is that the Op of a thread will help to keep thread clean by friendly reminder & call for moderator support if members refuse to respect Op’s thread.

Last day of work til friday so will be able to provide some focus on laying out a draft.


@Heliosurge Again thank you Heliosurge for being such a great moderator and a voice of reason in times of need. I appreciate your effort. The idea to give Op some control might be good but I could also see it quelling the quibble that these forums turn into and also limiting discussion. Maybe if their was a technology to somehow branch conversations into new catagories without taking out the natural flow of what is being written.? Ideas and understanding are developed when one is open to differing points of view. As someone relatively new to visiting any type of forum I can say I find myself dealing with exercising personal self control when it comes to something said contrary to my current beliefs or understanding. I do enjoy reading some of the input others have. I guess thats why I continue to visit.:relaxed: reason for edit Sorry Heliosurge I wrote this before I read your new rules post, I think you covered mostly what was needed there great job thanks.


Just don’t take on too much of the Negativity like Butters did in South Park when he was tasked with maintaining peoples Social Media, filtering out the negative comments.

Great episode and very funny comment on Safe Spaces.

As for product endorsements etc, if you believe the big review sites are not tainted by revenue from advertising then you are naive. Not to say steer clear from the reviews but like Dan Akyroyd said in Dragnet “Just the facts mam”. Stick to the facts and take the rest of the review with a grain of salt.

Myself, I followed Pimax from their 4K days and I am a backer because of the aims they have for the 8K headsets. This is a quantum leap for VR compared to the current gen headsets on the market. I do hope they are able to deliver as it will be years before any of the big manufacturers both as they drip feed up mediocre incremental updates too milk the market for cash.

Last thing I want in VR is another Windows style of device. Computing is littered with great innovations that are strangled by the big guys for drip fed mediocrity. Kick Starter and the direct funding of tech is a way for us who know to support and produce alternatives that can push the boundaries and shake up the status quo…

Pimax is also doing a very reasonable job of communication given the tantrums they receive here online.


Indeed any media site will have influences potenially from advertisers. But one needs to look at the ads on the site.

However when I look at most of tech review sites the ads presented are often online retailers & not often promoting say in terms of VR a specific headset & often contrary to folk’s beleif ads shown unless your using private browser settings are based on your searches & sites you have visited.

Myself I understand this and if i truly wsnted unbiased ads based on my Internet browsing habits. I would use Private browser setting or Tor browser.

With CES 2018 the perception of bias for HTC is not accurate imho. As far as I know we only had 2 headsets at CES to review. One that is pushing the boundaries (pimax) and is still in heavy development phase; so kinks are to be expected.

The other based on existing tech that works & all are using this basic vr headset design (HTC). It is understandable as you have said that this headset should have a more favourable review as its nothing actually new just a minor bump where there for the most part only 3 real improvements over its first commercial release. Updated screens to match Samsung Oddyssy, New Valve tracking & dual front camera. If anything i think the msmr headsets & the upcoming lgsteamvr headset forced htc to rush out to release a headset to stay relevant.

The msmr headsets while not great in many aspects it does have one key advantage over other headsets & that is the easier setup & portability.

The real truth Pmax with their 3 headsets have no current competition save 2 headsets that have no steam or oculus compatibility and only abailable for commercial use. StarVR & HeroVR both only 5k. So in reality still no competition to pimax & pimax is also built to use expandable modules out of the box.


Thank you for the vote of confidence; but lets remember at one point a user needed to help me realise that i was becoming unglued & no longer at my best.

Yes it is going to take work & effort on all sides to alter our habits. & like building the pimax headset it will be bumpy at times til we get there.


Just for clarity, what you said is not entirely true. Vive Pro has new improvements across the board. The only thing that is the same from what I can gather are the lenses but nobody has talked about them much. Also, The original vive did incremental updates during its life cycle. They made it lighter etc.

  • New headstrap (more ergonomic)
  • New 2nd camera (depth cameras)
  • New headphones
  • New microphones (dual noise canceling)
  • New colour
  • New wireless module
  • New tracking support (Lighthouse 2)
  • New controllers (with support for Lighthouse 2)
  • New cable management (Tetherd by single, lighter longer cable)


I mentioned rhe cameras, screens & updated tracking & yes those are really the only big 3 improvements. Now i did miss the dual mics. The rest are minor improvements in comparison.

The tracking being updated to v2.0 as i mentioned as a bonus that htc wpuld need to release vive tracking pucks v2.0 as well. Withe the headset being updated to v2.0 accessories wpuld need v2.0 versions made to support v2.0 lighthouses (but we were talking the headset on its own.

Wireless modul was available before as 3rdparty solution. They just msde an option to make it integrate easier. (See pimax already influencing)

Not actually pushing the boundaries just updating to stay relevant with some new stuff & tweaks (ie lighter single cable)


I agree now you say “big” improvements compared to the one I replied to that said “real” improvements haha


Well often word choice in english can be a pain for clarity. Lol


Im sorry @Heliosurge for my late response, been some busy days and haven’t checked the forums for several days now.

Absolutely, you can close this discussions, and I think its a good decision. My intention was not to make people start flooding with conspiracies and hate. I just had some personal thoughts and doubts about some of the mentioned negative 8K reviews, but it was of course only my personal opinions, and I should have just better kept that for myself instead of starting a wave of conspiracies… Im sorry for that.

Best Regards


Just alot of passion for success & excitement of what pimax is striving to deliver.


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