My Pimax 4k is soft bricked after failed FW update. Can it be restored?



I’ve got my 4k 10 months ago and used it a couple of times then stored it for 9 months because I was busy with my master degree.

Today I finally decided to use it again. I’ve installed the latest piplay software and plugged it in. It seems to work well because my Windows 10 desktop background was showing in 3D/360deg VR using the pimax 4k.

Then I noticed that there is a firmware update available in piplay and started the update.

But after 3 to 4 minutes when the process was reaching the end, I got an error from piplay and connection lost message.

I unplugged usb and hdmi and restarted the PC and replugged and started the piplay agan.

But my pimx 4k no longer detected by piplay! (light led is blue) Windows 10 still detects it as a standard display device and I can see the second destop on the pimax 4k but in regular and limited 2D (part of the desktop is shown).

I tried installing piplay on a different PC but same issue …

Is there an emergency FW update tool to restore it back? My serial # 100X

Please advice as this problem is not my fault. the FW update proceadure failed on its own due to software bug… Can it be recovered somehow? Can I MRA it to get it fixed?



Hi try the method desceibed here

Alternatively you could file a support ticket though the above link will usually reset the firmware.