My Pimax 5K BE arrived... Here is what I think



Hi guys,

I have the Pimax 5K BE (OLED) now at home and had enough time to check it out. The difference to the 5K+ and the 8K is only the display. So the resolution of the 5K BE is 2560 x 1440 per eye at around 82Hz. Display is OLED with pentile matrix.

I alread tried the OLED at the CES in Vegas, but its always better to have it at home to check some more games. So all in all I would say:

The 5K BE is really good for people that play horror games like Paranormal Activity The Lost Soul or space games like Elite Dangerous. The black levels are perfect, because if the pixel is switched off its totally black (not like with the backlight of LCD). Its really much more immersive to play these dark games. Also the colors are much better and not so “washed out” like with the 5K+ and the 8K. You see a difference here definitely.

However when we compare the SDE of the 5K BE to the 8K or 5K+ this is something you should really think about. The SDE of the 5K BE is really worse than the 5K+ or 8K. Perhaps even worse than Vive Pro. So if you really HATE SDE, then you should better not go for the 5K BE. For all other guys that want to have good black levels and good colors and SDE is not top priority, you should definitely consider to go for the 5K BE!

I for myself will switch the headsets… Playing horror games= 5K BE, playing everything else = 8K or 5K+.

If you want to check out my English video, I made some comparisons with optical zoom:


It’s great to be able to own all three…

Still waiting for my first one here.



He have to return all 3 you dont :slight_smile:


Just a question, do you even own a Vive Pro? This because you seem to implicate that the 5k+'s SDE is much better than the Vive Pro, while in fact, the difference is only very marginally.


@VoodooDE how wouldyou compare the SDE to original Vive?


I have every headset at home, of course the Vive Pro as well.
And yes, the 5K+ SDE is better than Vive Pro.


5K BE has better SDE than old Vive


From his videos I know that he does own a Vive pro. I figured by now though that the perception of visual quality is a strange game with displays overall (Individual preference, some like over saturated colors, less sharp more sharp, what kind of games you play) + Pimax in particular due to the massive manufacture spread differences (display revisions, face pad thickness, even power supply).
This beeing said, I feel like comparing Pimaxes is sorta wheel of fortune, probably also how SDE is percepted.


But only by very very little margin, they’re actually almost identical. I imagine the Pimax 5k BE must be much worse


how is the clarity/sharpness compared to 5k+?


I think it’s kind of strange to say this. I don’t know why better black level and colors would just apply to horror games. I would think all games would look better. I would think it trumps SDE in every case. Looking forward to get one to see, but I find this strange. the faded-greyish black levels really bother me compared to OLED. Wouldn’t something like Skyrim just simply look better with OLED as well? If I don’t look for it, the SDE simply disappears for me. Maybe I am lucky/less picky about it.


Well, the problem is the pentile pixel arrangement that OLED screens have. The black level and contrast will be better true, but other colors will be less accurate, and the resolution of some colors will be lower. I’m actually surprised he says this would be good in Elite Dangerous, pentile screens in the past have been horrible for that game, making the orange HUD text hard to read. On Oculus Rift I had to manually edit the game’s config file to add green levels to the HUD color for it to be easily readable. Perhaps the higher resolution overall fixes it enough…


Good review / video - thanks for sharing :+1:


for UK backers its getting stupid.

im thinking ok, maybe around 20th - 29th feb… was thinking that about the end of Dec and Jan.

most likely the same in march.

at least pre-orders can cancel. :frowning:


wow here you see the resolution difference between the 8k and 5k panels


so you are saying the 8k looks better here?


i would say so :slight_smile:


Better res and better black indeed.


Voodoo was asked if he would like to buy another vr headset :joy:


That’s appreciable to optical zoom lens but not to our eyes though, thus the 5K and 8K are on par due to many factors…you won’t really find one much better at this stage, what we need is something a full leap better, like RGB stripe oled at the 8K’s res with upsampling if they want to stay with one display port cable, and in the future no upsampling but native res on whatever high bandwidth interface is dominant at the time.