My Pimax 5K BE arrived... Here is what I think



You know when you paid 1k$ for an Apple product the zoom option is included :sunglasses:


That won’t skew the results (macro zoom on an already zoomed image)? Well I have to take your word for it. You have a 5K+ and say the images are representative. I have neither to compare.


With lens photos there is an error scatter due to interference effects, focus fluctuations, differences in SDE depending on color, etc.

How to avoid this?

By averaging. Here: you look at as many Lensshots as possible.To base one’s arguments only on so few photos therefore remains useless.


if you look were the colour is the same like the white area for instance the blacks that will show as sde is much less in the 8k ,but still subject to identical pictures which they are not


Please can you answer:

  1. With OLED lenses has more godrays?
  2. Ghosting is there? (my Odyssey and Odyssey+ have ghosting but Vive not)
  3. Black smearing is there? (odyssey has it but Vive not).