My Pimax 5K XR arrived... Here is what I think about the display



He has spent about 5.000 Euros for all his headsets, probably more


Thanks for this surprising comparison. I didn’t expect the 5k BE to be so much better than the LCD panels.

  1. Horrible washed out colours of the LCD panels in the first comparison.
  2. Green subpixels have the same resolution as the 5k+. The SDE is almost comparable in green areas. It’s mostly more noticeable because of the bad black levels of the 5k+.
  3. The background shows a lot more detail on the 5k BE. Maybe because of higher colour resolution?

The second picture was actually not showing the advantage of the amazing black levels of OLED, because most of the image is covered by bright pixels, and therefore the missing black levels of the LCD didn’t play such a big role.

It was an example of the worst case of OLED! Red areas suffer the most from the pentile matrix. Considering this fact I was very surprised, that the SDE of the 5k BE doesn’t look that much worse compared to the 5k+!

The test misses a real dark scenario with almost no bright areas to really compare the “dark grey” blacks of the LCDs to the almost perfect blacks of the OLED screen.


so … at this point …:roll_eyes::man_facepalming: to be used with x plane 11 what do you recommend and how much do you think I have to wait for arrive ?:zipper_mouth_face:


What about black smear. It’s disgusting in the Samsung Odyssey+ in Skyrim dark areas.


You can not compare the Sde on that image size…

Also this zoomed image is kind of useless, you see the world not zoomed…


Yeah, I’d definitely disagree with anyone saying the sde is noticeably better in the 5k.


Yes I totally agree with both of you. I have been using the Vive Pro since day one, and I would say that the SDE is very similar. It’s probably more down to personal preference than anything else. I actually prefer the SDE of the Pro because it’s smoother and easier to ignore for me.

I’m not sure what to think of the 5K BE at this point. Is it really that bad, or is it just a case of preference between pentile and RGB?


I agree, even if it might be technically less SDE it’s certainly more noticeable, I really don’t like the SDE compared to the Pro.


Respectfully, VoodooDE mentions that the background area is filled with red light-bleed (from adjacent pixels, which is not the same as the backlight-bleed on some LCD panels). This red area is not more detail; it’s actually a downside to these OLED panels. (Better blacks and colors, but more light-bleed than the other 2 headsets.)

Yes. This SDE really bothers me.

@VoodooDE’s sub-pixel images are the best I’ve seen. :star_struck: I’m sure he spent a long time trying to get good shots.

Based on that visual comparison, I’m glad I’m getting an 8K; it looks so much better than either of the others, imo. Also notice that the jagged aliasing is much worse on both 5K headsets in the image below. (Click the image below, to expand the image and look at the white line on the edge of the road.) I really dislike jaggies and will gladly accept a smoother image, even if it looks a little fuzzy.


Funny how you all see something different from what I see in the same image. The BE looks about the same as the 5K in SDE, and the 8K looks slightly better than both IN SDE. BE has better color and black level than the other two. Pretty simple.


My word of advice, dont try 5k+, don’t ever put it on. And you will be fine.

The thing is with a smoother image you would think it will also going to give you higher detail, and if you dont have it, you will perceive it as being blur. Odyssey+ for example has good color and black but when I tried it I couldn’t get a sharp enough image so I kept trying to position better but then I realized it was nothing more I could do, and the blur is part of the experience.

It’s hard to unsee what you have seen. And 5k+ is going to be sharper and that’s going to be stuck in your head.

Our problem is there is no best of everything hmd yet and it’s a choice between compromises.


Thats the same what i see.
The better black level and the better colors are worth much more than the SDE.


the colors on the 8k and 5k+ are not that washed out as on the pictures, but sure you can have priority on color and contrast. It’s personal, for me it’s easier to get used to colors than sde…


Yes and besides that Pimax has promised the color settings in Pitool.

Actually @PimaxUSA any news about that?


It’s something we are experimenting with. In the meantime I’ve seen you can also use the Nvidia control panel to adjust the colors and brightness though I haven’t tried it myself on my Pimax devices.


Is it possible that the LCD pimax have a flatter gamma curve, so the darker tones are brighter near black? The fact that the absolute black value of LCD´s is worse than that of OLEDs is independent of this.


Oh I thought the Pimax headset is not shown as a display or anything in the nvidia control panel?

Anyway nice to hear youre working on it. :+1:


I was talking about the background in the first comparison of the racing track. You can see noticeable more details on the 5k BE.


Ah, sorry. I misunderstood.

Each of these screens have their own pros and cons. Assuming these are accurate representations, I still prefer the 8K. I’d rather have less jaggies and less SDE. My understanding is that the 8K is still better than the 5K+, in regards to blacks and colors.


As 5kBE preorderer I am very pleased to see the device arriving with reviewers. This is pretty much what I was expecting and probably a little less than I was hoping for. For elite dangerous I think I will be happy with this headset. Look forward to hearing @mixedrealityTV thoughts soon as I know Sebastian also has one now and his initial thoughts at CES seemed a bit more positive than @VoodooDE.