My Pimax 5K XR arrived... Here is what I think about the display



I read somewhere that Pimax sent @mixedrealityTV another 5k+ by mistake .


Colour looks more washed out in the 8k, in that picture, too


Hi guys, indeed, Pimax sent me the wrong HMD. I wrote about it here:

So no 5k BE review on MRTV. For now.


I wondered why it was taking you so long to put a review up. Normally you are ahead of the pack. Oh dear.


Then… “new” (or adjusted) 5K+ panels have better blacks than old?


I would call them NEW, because they dont have the original black dots flaw. I cannot confirm better blacks on the new 5k Plus since I have not done side by side comparisons with the old 5k Plus yet. But I can say that of course it is better not to have the black dots visible on bright backgrounds.


So you don’t see them at all, on any colour? Not even faintly?


What a nice opportunity for a give-away.


Yes, but that might not be the case when wearing the headset. Camera exposures can vary, so photos probably aren’t quite accurate, in terms of brightness or colors. In particular the 5K BE OLED panels should be brighter than an LCD, yet this image is darker.

The 8K and 5K+ should have approximately the same brightness and in this shot the 8K looks brighter. People have reported that the contrast, blacks, and colors are a bit better on the 8K, compared to the 5K+.


As your resident is in central europe, can you say something about the delivery?

  • Were the Headset sent over GB warehouse or diretly from shanghai?
  • when were you informed about delivery(e-mail)? Or how long was the transportation by logistics company (post stamp)?
  • Who made the logitics? DPD?

I expect that all missing devices won’t be send out on the first day, so it would be nice to know, while some are goning banana day by day.

Thanks in advance


I wonder which backers will receive 5K BEs, instead of the 5K+ headsets they are expecting? :laughing:


Would you be tempted to say nothing and enjoy your guilty secret😋


Damn these pictures. Why do they keep getting posted. If I was to take this particular image literally then my conclusion.

The 5K+ has quite a lot less SDE than the 8K. A little more sharpness but not much and comparable colours and black levels. The 5K BE has far superior colour and black level but the most SDE.

A number of people said the 8K has less SDE than the 5K+ and better black levels and colours. Why then do these images show the reverse of that?



Taking through the lens photos is not an exact science.


Sorry to disagree but

1: the sde of the 8k is clearly smaller if you look carefully
2: you can’t never rely on black level or Colors on photos published on the web unless the author clearly calibrate his equipment and your’s is also adjusted.
3: it’s an exact science but most of us don’t have the tools nor the knowledge to produce good comparable result.


I am, on a 4K TV at around 2.5 feet away. I can clearly see more SDE on the 8K image when I click on the images looking at them. Does this help represent better what I am seeing.




Yes but that not what I’m see on my iPad Pro. Check if you have some smoothing option enabled.


ipad pro. So you are looking at an image on a 13" screen. That is not really going to show any differences in detail surely? Again, this is why these images are inconsistent. One person looking on a mobile phone will get a different impression from someone on an ipad pro who sees something different compared to a PC monitor, compared to someone viewing on 49" 4K HDR TV.



Here :


Looks different again. I would say they are similar now but one with a diagonal pixel pattern and the other horizontal. The red colour still looks better on the left side.


Like I said colour can’t be compared, to my eyes the sde of the 8k is slightly better ( subjectively less black regions) and different like many people told us here. By the way I have my 5k+ now and this is about the right impression…