My Valve Knuckles (EV3) Review:


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Just a tip. Pimax was trying to get their hands on some knuckles not long ago :dollar:


I’ve been trying to get my hands on a Pimax Dev Kit for awhile myself.


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After reading your review it is aparent that their might not be enough communication between Valve and the developers. I mean some of your concerns should have been dealt long ago or at least high on Valve list to fix or balance their design.
Alas, I won’t be sueprised if they just keep current design or will take more months to redesign their knuckles.


Eh, I wouldn’t say that. They have done some drastic changes from their initial versions of Knuckles. But I do agree that some of these concerns I have shouldn’t be an issue right now.

I do hope that they give us another iteration or two before retail. It’s just in their best interest and ours.


Do you think that the current state of EV3 is influenced by “customer cost” first, by that I mean to keep the cost low, so they use inferior materials for buttons and stick, but balance that with the finger tracking feature.


Hm, that could be it. If that’s the case, I rather they get rid of the finger tracking feature then. Also there’s very little volume to play with inside. A lot of it (especially at top), is used up by the hand-strap adjustment system.


And I thought finger tracking is a feature developers realy want.

Let’s see what Valve will produce in 3 months.

Cheers and thanks for the feedback.