Neat tool that calculates a bottleneck with your hardware (link)


My 4770K + 1080Ti - CPU is dragging me down by 18% compared to a modern CPU. Quite interesting site

Pimax 5k+ - first impressions video - Backer #17 from Germany

Awesome my i5 6509 reported almost 42% bottleneck.

The Ryzen 2700x only 2%


How you finding the 2700x ? Also, did you consider the 8700K ?


Mine says a 42% bottleneck if I get a 1080 TI. This system is not that old. I wonder what metrics this site is using.


Well Steamvr with manual off showed 16% for gpu on i5 (bottle neck said 42% throttling.

The ryzen 2700x showed 32 to 48% in steam with bottle neck showing 2%(prob a min value). Quality & performance major improvement on 1080 ti.

So the site’s metric seems to be in line with pimax.


How are you enjoying it? Im between a rock and a hard place deciding what to do. If I get Ryzen, it means new mobo cpu, and lower end GPU, or 1080 ti, on current setup.


Here is my VRmark Score

Only 313 away from a i9-7900x with 1080 ti!

Rift min spec 81 fps
My Average fps 219.69

Ryzen will give you the best bang for the buck. Mobo & cpu generallt cheaper vs intel. This system is very peppy. Tomb Raider(2014? The ine before Rise) Normal settings at 1080p something like 564fps.

You could likely go with a Ryzen 5 for 6 cores 12 threads.

@D3Pixel find if the bottleneck calculater is awesome!


Loving this Ryzen 7 2700x. The i7 8700k was a friend at the computer store. Truth since Ryzen 2series has been out wanted the Red team. Recalculated on it

I5 42% hold back
Ryzen 7 2700x 1.33% Rec 32gig ram (have 16)
I7 8700k 0.16% Rec 32g Ram (calculated at 16g)
Ryzen 5 2600x 072% rec 16gig ram

Change in ram to 32g ram didn’t change botyleneck

Both i7 & r7 cpus hold back is negilible. The r7 has more instruction sets.


What cpu you running? If old ddr3 cpu than worth the upgrade to new cpu/mb/ram.

Ryzen 5 2600x would likely be killer.


VRmark Cyan Room (Blue Wins)

VRmark Blue Room (Red Wins)


Its a. I5 7600k on a locked motherboard that wont let me overclock.


Yeah then it’s worthwhile to upgrade cpu & mobo.

The Ryzen 5 2600x runs at $195 :canada: according to one of the compare sites with the i5 7600k at $270 :canada:.

The Ryzen 5 2600x according to bench will work nicely with the 1080 ti.

If you like itx boards mine is Asus Rog Strix B450-I Gaming for around $200 :canada: Features 2 M2 express slots! 1 on the back & one by the x16 slot on top of the fancy Audio Card!

My Steamvr perf test


My at home system, on the test, gave a mere 0.24% bottleneck :sunglasses:

This is how good an “old” i7 5820K six core/twelve threads cpu on a socket 2011LGA mobo and four modules DDR4 at ultra-low CAS14 timing (to fully utilize the quad channel bandwidth) still is…despite it has been released more than four years ago.

The rest is done using an M.2 SSD as the main drive and a secondary 3.5 S-Ata SSD, so the GTX1080 never have to wait for the system and be dragged from it.

Intel sold almost hype and just “on paper” technical innovations in the last four years, pulling the price higher every time, just like Nvidia did, and it is very disappointing…

Personally, I have already made the decision to never give them my money again, until they prove to pull-out some real innovations in the Cpu market, like AMD is now doing…and am seriously considering to move to Threadripper 2 architecture, as soon as the need will make it favourable, AMD has done a great work with this new architecture, and I’m sure they will soon catch up with Nvidia with their new Gpu chips, their in the works Cpu/Gpu Soc (aimed at future PS5 and other consoles) is already doing wonders.

In any case, I’ve found this tool to give some inconsistent results with some mixed configurations, not really reflecting what I have seen in my tests of the last years, probably due to the fact that it is using a database coming from the common user base, where a lot of standard configurations or cheap OEM setups are used.


Indeed the test is generalized. Though didn’t explore the advanced option. If not mistaken motherboard chipsets often unlock different efficiencies with cpu to yeild varying results.

Your cpu is definitely nice. It seems 6 or more cores or at least threads are needed to properly utilize gpu to the fullest.



4790k bottlenecking 2080 by 16 percent here.


17.2% bottleneck, plus bold red text saying:

“Your processor is too weak for this GPU”

AMD FX 9590 (8 core)

I was aiming to upgrade the CPU, M/B, and RAM (DDR3), anyway :slight_smile:

My RAM is down to 16gb, after 2 sticks died on me the other day.


I noticed that if i put in 2700 x and 3 x 1080Ti (for rendering work) then it says the CPU is heavily bottlenecked and I need Threadripper2 or Xeon. Maybe to take advantage of the extra PCI Lanes. Have my eye on a 16 core TR2 but multi-gpu (not sli) is a priority. Trying to find a modern motherboard that can take 3 GPU’s and be future proof is a minefield.

Thinking “Gigabyte X399 AORUS Xtreme”


Welp… Time to upgrade my system it seems


Projected VR system: Ryzen 7 2700X / GeForce RTX 2080 Ti
2*16GB RAM
Bottleneck: 1.22%


My System : Intel 8700k / GeForce RTX 2080 Ti
2*8GB RAM - Bottleneck: 3,77%