Neat tool that calculates a bottleneck with your hardware (link)


Go Ryzen! It’s fantastic performance to price ratio. In 3dmark mine is being up there with i9 7900x!


Agreed had the same result with the i5 6500. Sailing pretty with the Ryzen 7 2700x but the Ryzen 5 2600x rates good for the 1080ti


That’s amazing! About £750 for a new system: CPU + M/B + RAM

Any recommendations for what I should get?

I use my system for gaming and 3D modelling, mostly.


I can’t say for sure but Ryzen 5 2600x pairs nicely with the 1080ti. Ryzen 7 2700x would likely be better for the modeling side.

@D3Pixel more cores & threads better for modelling?

The R5 has 6 cores 12 threads where as the R7 has 8 cores & 16 threads.

Both are great money for the performance. The R7 might be overkill but good for future proofing.


So Reccommendation.

Cpu Ryzen 5 2600x or Ryzen 7 2700x
Ram: 3200mhz sticks. Corsair dom rgb pretty.
MB: Asus Rog Strix are nice. Itx has 2 m2 storage
If going itx B450 chipset works nice. X470 though better if going matx or atx board.

My setup
Win10 Pro
Ryzen 7 2700x
2x8gig 3200mhz Corsair Dominator platinum RGB
Asus Rog Strix B450-I (itx)
Adata M2 x4 512g
Adata 512g SSD Sata
Seagate 3TB 2.5" Expansion drive (took apart external drive cheaper than buying bare drive)

Pimax 5k+ - first impressions video - Backer #17 from Germany

Yeah, I think the R7 will be the one.

Thanks :slight_smile:

More for the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales!!!

I love a bargain! :laughing:


Your welcome posted my setup above


Yes, but it is not the only thing, Intel’s LGA 2011-3 and LGA 2066 Cpu’s have more pins to connect to the system chipset, other than four channels DDR4 and this gives a real edge over their LGA 1150-1151 mainstream counterparts, plus the more PCI Lanes, so these are always superior in respect to even the newest i7 and i9 for LGA 1151, that always bottlenecks the original architecture…

For example, my i7-5820K with X99 chipset has 28 PCI-Lanes, even though it is a 4 years old Cpu/Chipset it is still way better than most newest i7 and i9 that run on LGA 1151 and that have only 16 PCI-Express lanes; keep in mind that most 1151 chipset mobos often share some PCI lanes with things like the S-Ata controller, Gigabit Ethernet, M.2 slot etc…so if you use these, the Gpu ends up running only on 8x mode, so a system like this is totally inadequate for a multi Gpu setup because you end up having i.e. 2 Gpu’s running on 4x PCI express mode :slight_smile:

The problem is that Intel top end LGA 2066 line is very expensive, but if you can find some used, older processors/chipset, even an older LGA 2011-3, it is always a good choice, if you stick with Intel.

Otherwise, if you’re going for the cheaper, go for AMD Ryzen 7, they are the best choice and ahead of any i5, plus costing less or the same.

P.S.- Discard the Ryzen 5 if possible, not really worth it if you’re a VR guy…and, for the mobo, Asrock makes the cheapest ones, but still very high quality and feature rich.


The Ryzen 7 is a great contender against the i7 & even fairs well against i9 7900.

Ryzen 5 will do well for VR but for the extra power the Ryzen 7 for the money is a better choice.


Cores/threads are good for calculations so if you have lots of modifiers or high poly scenes. physics simulations like flip fluid or other dynamic mesh modifiers then they will use extra cores/threads. And of course the biggie is if you are CPU rendering then the more cores the faster it performs. Multitasking helps too so you can be rendering while working in another app like photoshop, after effects etc If you are just a pure modeller then it probably doesn’t help too much.


I have 0.59% for my 6850k and my 1080 and 8.79 with a 2080ti - on base Clocks - the 6850k Runs at 4.2Ghz CPU and 3.4 GHz Cache a bit over its Stock 3.6 and 3.2Ghz - guess it seems fine I guess if the tool is trustworthy


If you use your pc primarily for (VR-) gaming i would take the calculated results with a grain of salt.
In VR gaming you are heavily GPU limited in most cases.
Of course my i7-7700k can feed a double digit number more frames to the GPU, but at the resolutions i am playing with, my i7-3770k can deliver almost the same FPS to my 1080ti(s), so no need to upgrade my 3770k (@4.6GHz in my sim-rig) to a ryzen 2700x now. The upgrade would simply give me almost none gain in fps, despite the very high percentage gain in the calculator.

So if you want to game highest fps possible (even with garbage gfx) you would even benefit from the higher performance of the 9900k vs the 8700k.

But who really wants to play with psvr-like gfx on PC?


Awesome tool. Thanks for the link

Just bought the EVGA 2080 ti FTW3 ultra. Any suggestions to upgrade my 6700K?

8700k or 7900x?


Go Ryzen. Either way your gonna want to upgrade cpu platform. Either Coffee Lake or Ryzen.

Ryzen 5 2600x orvrye Ryzen 7 2700x will do tge job nicely & better value to performance.


8700K if you do any Adobe video editing or need fast single core or 2700x if you want to switch to team red and get great value for money.


Well we know Amd is more known for sticking with a socket. Where as Intel will likely soon be releasoning a new cpu socket.

8700k is also a pretty warm cpu.

Now if @Davobkk can wait for now & get zen 2


Well i know tge site does work. My gpu was hitting 100% in fpsvr on the i5 6500 with 16g of ram(42% bottleneck). Fps was limited & steam only rec 16% gpu. After switching higher frames more stable & steam jacked it’s gpu ss setting to 42.5%.

The site works well to get an idea if it is. Sure like Outervision’s extreme psu calculator will not be perfect but does the job well enough.

Server Cpus are often a better series. Socket 2011 isn’t it?

Lots of folks know this performance deal & some use serverboards with dual processors to boot with only having 1 x16 slot.

Additional testing with Elite Dangerous

Sure, it might INDICATE something (when it’s obvious), but that doesn’t mean that the site “works”… :wink:

Also, You didn’t just replace Your CPU, did You?

You probably replaced Your CPU, motherboard, RAM etc.

That’s like buying a new car when You might have gotten away with replacing Your clogged air-filter… :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m not saying it can’t be used at all, but at best it’s guesstimates, and I just think it’s better to actually verify stuff before throwing money away… :wink:

That said, it’s always nice to buy new hardware! :sunglasses:

It’s LGA-1366 and I’m using an old ASUS Rampage Extreme II, 6x4GB memory (triple channel) and a RocketRaid adapter with 4 X Samsung Evo 850 in Raid-0… :wink:


Sorry. Noted… :+1:

No more OT comments from me here, promise! :slight_smile:


Well this was backed up by other factors. Like i said it works. Maybe not perfect as @Lillo stated it doesn’t have the full options to take into consideration of things like heavy OCing. This has already though shown others why there 1080ti is not performing like the fellow beside them.

Your overclock is well over the 130% max in advanced options & at 130% it’s 17%

@spamenigma for example had the i7 8700 & was getting better results on a 1080 where I am using a 1080 ti. Core difference 6 core processor.

But I don’t need to convince someone who is using a server processor vs a desktop one.

But yes I switched platforms. To something that in all likelihood is overkill. Sure i should have maybe looked into the cheaper server cpu option.