Neat tool that calculates a bottleneck with your hardware (link)


I like overkill, but I just see lots of people blindly trowing money at hardware hoping for something they won’t receive and that’s a waste… :wink:

I’ll probably be upgrading to “overkill”-level shortly after receiving my Pi5k+ too… But I won’t be expecting much else than placebo effect with a grain of extra FPS on top… :grin:


Well I hear you there a few friends think you need a really good gpu for word processing.

But with you having a killer OC 6cores & a top Asus board your not likely needing an Overkill upgrade in the least.

v3.0 pci-X 16 at x8 vs x16 doesn’t have that much if a dramatic effect. Gamer’s Nexus did some nice benches. As said in the comments at x8 it’s finally getting close to hitting the bandwidth ceiling.

And some are using is ir only v1 x16 on some of those old dual cpu server boards? With decent results?



No, I’ve been looking at the i7-8086k, but with only 16 PCI lanes and dual-channel memory it’s not worth it.

You’re right about PCI v2.0 vs v3.0. Not much of a difference when using 10 series cards, but maybe that will change with the 20 series? Not sure.

I’m seeing 98/99% GPU utilization so I know it’s not bottlenecked PCI bus-wise.

I’ve been looking at the 7820X due to quad channel memory and 28 PCI-e lanes, but it’s expensive compared to what I’ll gain… I think :slight_smile:

Upgrading to i7-8700k/i7-8086k and OC’ing to 5GHz won’t give me much (I think) with only 16 PCI-e lanes and dual channel memory.

Even the 9900K will probably not be “worth” the price tag (I would need to replace motherboard, CPU and memory in any case).

Still, when the Pi5k+ hits me, I’ll probably reconsider it all again… :smiley:

You know, when the “hardware-craze” hits… :smiley:


The ryzen 7 2700x has 24 pci-X lanes. But yeah it’s quite interesting on that as sli/cf is on most setups only able to do x8/x8.


The X56xx Xeons support 36 PCI-e lanes… Not that I need it, but it does… :wink:

Yeah, I’ve also been looking into Ryzen, but… Naaah.

I think I’ll skip current generation and see what next generation brings.

I also looked into e5-1650 v3 Xeons and X99 motherboards as that would get me quad channel DDR4 memory, but again. Probably not worth the price tag unless I find a really good combo deal.


The gen2 is really going to give some great gains as will by the looks of the new gpus on the horizon.

Still have yet to see someone beat a buddy’s OC yhat lasted 30m before smoke. XT overclocked to 50hz. Lol


Ah, the days without throttling… :grin:

Lots of burned AMD’s on that account until they introduced “cool”-something. Had an Athlon 64 X2 once.


And dip switches & solder. My old 386sx16 had 10 expansion cards & 4megs of ram chips piggybacked. :sunglasses: i had 10megs of ram with 16bit mem expansion cards.


I had a DX40 fully equipped. I think it was 16MB… :wink:

And a ET4000 graphics card… :flushed:

Not at launch of course. I’m only 37. Didn’t have that kind of money at the time… :grin:


I hear you there pc stuff always at a premium.


I’ve been thinking of upgrading my 6600k@ 4.4 …just not sure if worth it…but with black friday coming up I know I might not be able to help myself…lol


My Extremepc builder reccommends more than 4 threads for unrestricted 4k gaming on the gpu. My i5-6500(non k) or overclocked just was holding the 1080ti back.

With being on Skylake you might be good with a better Skylake i7. Or if your thinking upgrade mb Ryzen is a good economical to performance gain. The Ryzen 5 2600x or the one I bought should do fine Ryzen 7 2700x.

As @DrWilken & @Lillo have said the bottleneck calculator is missing some details in terms of using it as an absolute but is decent as a reference potential.

Much like Cooler master psu calculator vs outervision extreme psu calculator.

My opinion? Coffee lake or Ryzen will be best in terms of newer cpus.

Steamvr will also give you reccomended gpu ss setting value if you switch to manual in video.

I5-6500 16g 1080 ti = 16%
Ryzen 7 2700x 16g 1080 ti = 42.5%


Actually my girlfriend asked me what I wanted for my birthday in few weeks …offered a b day / x mas gift… new cpu and motherboard combo. My memory is good ddr 4 3000 and 1080ti fine as well…


8700k or 2700x?? Not sure… I just use computer for vr gaming.


Either should be decent. 8700k are known to run hot. @spamenigma i believe is running i7 8700k & I think this is @sweviver’s current cpu or his previous one.

I would weigh by price if similar price i would choose Ryzen as Amd is usually better with sticking with a socket. However the 8700k i think might have a bit better single core performance.

Ryzen auto overclocks based on your cooling profile & has a nice RGB cooler. Ryzen boards are generally cheaper to buy vs intel versions.

And performance really isn’t that far apart.

I did post a thread on ryzen 7 2700x vs intel i7/i9 offerings.


Tkx Heliosurge…how was it going from your old 6600 to 2700x ?my cooler is evo 212…I ll have to look for that thread


Night & day. As said vent in steamvr from rec 16% gpu to 42.5%. Higher fps & more stable.

The i7 8700k has 16 pcie lanes
The Ryzen 7 2700x has 24 pcie lanes


Nice!! Havent had red team cpu since athlon so might be time;) tkx for help my friend!


Interestingly found out due to using the m2 nve slot on the back of mb (Asus strix b450-i) am only running 16 slot at x8. Gamer’s Nexus has some nice benches demonstrating x8 vs x16 is negliable in performance gain with fps. There is more than enough bandwidth available at x8. Now could painstakingly remove mb & swap nve to front location. But it’s in an Raven Rz01.

Sli & cf on most cpu setups runs dual x8.


Now I have to figure out what motherboard…lol