Neat tool that calculates a bottleneck with your hardware (link)


Gigabyte X470 AORUS Gaming 5 ?? Microcenter near me has this mobo with 2700x for 398.00


What formfactor flavor? Itx Asus is nice with options of 2 Nve m2 slots. Otherwise good to compare features.

Ryzen will auto oc similar to nvidia"s gpu boost for stable results.

Amd power profile is one thing to install for best results.


Should be a good board. Gigabyte are nice boards. With Aorus indeed should be good & support rgb bling options.


Atx…have mid tower…Asus Rog x470 same price


Tkx for taking time to help me out! I be been going back and forth on what to get but really wanted to go back to Amd…


Compare features. Bios in Amd is generally nicer interface from my experience.

Comparing mb vs mb for reviews is often good.


Will do…always fun upgrading…its been awhile. Ha…


I hear you & often difficult to choose. I find often ppl are number obsessed which often doesn’t necessarily mean better experience.


Ryzen 2700x has 20 PCIe lanes.


20 after the 4 are used for chipsets. So yes 20 usuable for gpu/storage etc.


So Heliosurge I just brought 2700x with Asus x470 -F gaming motherboard…so excited to put my new toys together!


Awesome! Just remember to install the amd power profile.


Thanks again for all your help!! My son coming home from college tomorrow so waiting for him to do install…some father son geek time lol


Indeed always good bonding experience. You going with custom cooler or the included rgb?


I’m going to install cooler that came with 2700x for now. I m for sure going all in one water cooler soon s
After I talk to my son who has experience with water cooling


Somebody did a technical spreadsheet based on recommended AMD motherboards if anybody is interested in it.

The original thread for that link is here:



New 2700X build !! :slight_smile:



Everything looks fine but windows not recognize usb…hence mouse…so still troubleshooting…ugh