Neat tool that calculates a bottleneck with your hardware (link)


Congrats. Sorry to hear on the usb. Have you checked for usb driver from Asus?


Still stuck without usb…keyboard and mouse work in bios but shut off once windows 10 starts to I cant log into windows . Guess I ll have to pick up ps2 connections so I can log into windows and fix usb drivers…


Really weird. Must be something screwy.


For sure!! Wish I would have kept my old keyboard and mouse…:frowning:


You don’t have a PCIe usb card? or a bluetooth mouse that might work to get over the hurdle?

Use a live Linux CD and see if the keyboard and mouse work?

Does Bios have USB keyboard / USB mouse disabled? (they are options)

Check this:

Post your spec / question in


I just reset windows and it’s all good now:)


Awesome good to hear. How are you liking it?


I’m still downloading steam games etc that were deleted during windows reinstall…I ll keep you posted …:wink:


Next time, install all steam games on a non OS drive :slight_smile:


That’s my trick as well. Great for using games on multiple pcs.



I havent had time till this morning to mess with new build . I still have some memory tweaking to do etc. Much quicker then my 6600k :slight_smile:




Awesome congrats. Yeah I found it night & day with the 6500. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Like driving a v8 after owning a v4. Lol


Wow…long story but didn’t notice motherboard box wasn’t sealed when I arrived home from microcenter and was missing posts …wasn’t going back to return…all was working fine until one of my memory sticks crapped out…then the other…heading back to microcenter tomorrow for replacement mobo…and rma the memory at newegg although getting trident z 3200 for 10 bucks more then geil 3000 I’m returning… fun fun fun!


Ouch. If you have other ddr4 memory you might need to flash the bios for mem support.

I have i think the 3600 rgb corsair sticks & my buddy had to use a different stick to flash the bios before it would properly support the corsair sticks(recognize)


Just got back from microcenter…I ll put it back together and see if other memory works…at least got 20 bucks off 2700x since it dropped in price from last week :smiley: 400.00 total for mobo/cpu upgrade not bad…


All good now …using old memory until new come…:smile:


Awesome. You install the amd power profile?

Also be sure to have latest bios update.