Need help with 4k



Just bought a 4k and have problem to get it up and running.
Have already a vive pro that works perfect.
Latest piplay is installed .
Have a 1070 and monitor connected to one hdmi and pimax connected to ther other hdmi.
The green led lights on the headset. The problem is that headset is not rekognized in steam , it is disconnected from hdmi.
Any idea how to proceed ?


Please try a different USB for the 4k and if possible connect the monitor to a different port type, like dvi, vga dp etc



Have tried with different usb ports.
Can not move the monitor need hdmi for this.
This is really frustrating.


Think i will sell this.


Got it to work today.

Thanks for all support.


please provide your fix, so we can share it with the rest of the community.




I change some setting regarding graphic controler in bios and reinstalled piplay. Really do not know what I did.


i suspect you disabled the on board gpu (igpu) and then installed the pitool software, this is what your supposed to do anyway.

thanks for clearing that up