Need help with pimax hmd performance



Hello I am currently using a pimax 4k to watch vidoes and the fps is horrible around 20 fps. I have a gtx 1080 card. Not ti but just 1080. Along with 16 gb ram and a ryzen cpu.

I have steamvr and pitools installed. And am using simplevrplayer to play the videos. I have klite codec pack installed and do not use any supersaming.

The weird thing is, it used to work fine before with my current setup which i have been using to watch videos with pimax 4k and o+ for a while now. But all of a sudden watching videos has become especially laggy. Especially on the pimax. The o+ is still having acceptable fps.

I am getting a 5k+ and am worried if my setup will be able to take it.

Any idea what could have suddenly caused the performance to drop?


Have you scanned for malware recently?


Yes i have security software installed and scan regularly


Reinstall k lite make sure you have the latest version.
If that does not help try to use another hvec codec.


You’re posting this in the 8k section. Your issue is with the 4K


I had the same problem a few weeks back. i fix it by turning off motion smothing from steamvr.
Settings>Videos> uncheck motion smothing on the steamvr app.


Dont know what it was, but a simple restart solved the issue. You guys can close this up. Thanks for your help.