Need preorder very soon, or will refund



I ordered my Pimax 5k+ on January 9th this year. When I first ordered it, I was promised a February 21st delivery date. This date has come and gone, and now it has been an entire MONTH since I first ordered. I have contacted support on multiple occasions and have only received basic answers like “It is in the overseas warehouse”. Still, however, I have absolutely NO tracking number and NO information on if my headset even exists. I have waited for too long now, and I am starting to get worried that my headset has passed through your system in some way. Also, I absolutely need the headset within this week as I will be leaving for a multiple week vacation after and am unable to pick it up if dropped at my house. So, all I can ask for is my tracking number, and that my delivery is sped up as much as possible - or I may just have to cancel the order and request a refund. Thank you for your understanding.



Same case here. My bank agreed to retract the payment made to Pimax on my call, so balls in your court… just FYI



You can now check your order on the Pimax Website


I apologize for the inconvenience due to the improper customer service.

I need your order number to confirm your order status, can you send me your order number via private message?