Need support? Please click here


While we are improving the new ticket system, a community member can get support in the following ways:

  1. Submit a ticket
    Click here to submit a ticket. If it is urgent, you may let @Pimax-support know the ticket number, so the support team can track and push the problem-solving progress.

  2. Poke the support team
    You may @mention @Pimax-support without a ticket in the forum. The support team will help you to create a ticket, so that you and the support team can refer back to the ticket number to track the progress.

  3. Summon the crew
    @mention @Community and there is a group of VR enthusiasts here ready to help. The community group consists of VR veterans, hard core gamers, Pimax community leaders, and developers, they are all passionate about VR and willing to share their experience and insight with the fellow community members.

*If you are willing to help new users, please message @xunshu and we will add you to the crew.

4k strap mount broken