New 4k owner need help plz. Now solved


Hi I received my 4k headset yesterday, plug it into gpu and USB and all looked promising. The headset was alive and displaying the pimax logo. I then installed the latest piplay it installed ok or so I thought(windows pop up told me it had installed rift p12?).
Everything still looked ok headset was showing in steam just nothing on headset.
I then started piplay and everything went horribly wrong, piplay doesn’t start and gives app link fatal error and then headset keeps disconnecting.
I read through the forums and found a post stating to use an older version of piplay, I’m now using 2.0.7 and this version loads up but I still have connection issues with the headset.
After unplug-replug hdmi,usb I can get the wires to show connected but the headset has a big red cross on it and everything tells me it’s not, but the light on headset is blue(from reading forum believe this means it’s Working) and inside it’s displaying desktop background.
any help would be greatly appreciated thanks


Nvm I fixed this issue.
Go to device manager and find pimax 4k( probably shown as rift p12, either located in libusb( if you have psvr on pc) or universal serial bus devices.
Right click rift p12 then update driver, click browse my computer for driver.
Change driver for hidusb.headset is now detected should now work.


Wow Rob you posted your issue and managed to fix it during the time I was sleeping! Nice one…

Remember there are 2 modes on the 4k. Pimax mode is for games and video mode for watching 180/360 video.

Use the render slider in piplay to set your render quality.

Have fun