New 5K+ user, problem with right lens in Doom VFR


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Just received my 5k. In Doom VFR there is an issue with the right lens only. Can see multiple images of my gun and other screen items. The images repeat, like in an infinity mirror, and are faint compared to the actual item. Has anyone else seen this, is this a problem with my headset? Looking through my left lens there is no such issue. Grateful for your advice and comments please.

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Not sure have you tried Parallell projections?

Are you a backer or pre order?



Please ignore my post. I am a new user and did not understand or know about parallel projection needing to be turned on for certain games. Did some reading and turning it on has resolved the issue.

However, there is another issue with Doom VFR only and that is of the poor resolution/picture quality which is really quite bad. Will post separately on this now.

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PS I am a Kickstarter backer.


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I also have an issue with the right lense, even after I had enabled Parallel projection.
You can see on the headset mirror video that right lense have different resolution.

The game also crashes a lot.