New Acer WMR HMD 4,320 x 2,160 and StarVR One



The StarVr One has a lot to give but still 1,830 on 200 degrees vs the pimax 2560 on 170 degrees. Sebastien say the same thing about the 5K+ almost no SDE. Sorry SDE still their and still annoying for a mere 1000$ so it will be event more annoying on a 6000$ headset.

And the major thing star VR is in financial trouble and nobody really now if and when this headset will come to market. Maybe Acer will resurrect it maybe not


The StarVR has low SDE because of using tricks like the PSVR according to VoodooDE, he rated the resolution to be on the same level as the Vive Pro or Odyssey in 2018.
It’s great to see all the refinements we can expect from consumer headsets in the future.


Thanks didn’t see this comment, but that was my point things are going forward fast I don’t want a vive pro or odyssey + @200FOV for 6000$US. StarVR like Pimax had a launch opportunity and they missed it. next step is 1000PPI no SDE. 200 Degrees FOV is not a absolute necessity.


You’re not wrong. After 5 minutes my nose is killing me. Lol.


StarVR One is $3200 .


that’s what they ask for from dev’s and even if they are able somehow to make that half price its still a very small fraction of gamers that can/will afford it, so its not so far fetched to make the StarVR One a business unit (like xtal does) and see if you can incorporate the tech and experience somehow later into a consumer product <1000$


Ok but this is in US in my currency + shipping + taxe this amount to 5000$ For a dev kit. Where I paid 750$ for the pimax and 1250$ for the vive retail product in comparaison. Would you really invest 3200$ in a 500ppi headset now? If they upgrade to 4k & 1000PPi & no SDE oled panels I would think otherwise…


As @IG88 said that’s cureently a Dev price.


For an unavailable dev kit so we’re just speculating…


Yeah currently on the StarVR site you cannot purchase the kit. I enquired with them but no response :frowning: I am however interested in seeing how well StarVR actually looks. Since they are from what I can tell using fresnel lenses unlike the XTAL which is using custom glass convex lenses if I recall correctly. But the win with XTAL is that they are able to have these lenses closer to the screen and with a rectangle view. So combination of less zoom and bigger sweet spot means less SDE and higher perceived clarity.


I have to wonder why they’re not responding to people. I’m going to write them now and see if I get a reply.


Its hard to say whats going on. On the one hand StarBreeze are basically running out of money and so they seem to have scuttled the VR project. On the other hand Acer it seems has taken over StarVR. So perhaps in time they will either release the headset or sell off the assets/IP to some other big VR player. I could see Valve/Oculus/Sony picking them up for the tech alone.


Have you considered a counterweight? By adding a balancing weight to the back of the headset, almost all pressure is off my nose and cheeks. I can wear my headset for 4+ hours without discomfort.


I haven’t followed too closely but saw the VoodooDE update on the StarVR One and One XT - these are for home use with LH tracking, and arcade use and tracking respectively.

One thing that that caught my eye (apart from the price!) is that it supports SLI, one card per display. I had wondered whether anyone would design a system to take advantage of this, given it’s been part of PC gaming for years…


It wasn’t really an update, but more of a “late to the party” vid that was originally in German but now is in English.

A lot of people went into that vid expecting actual NEW information, instead we got RickRoll’D into believing StarVR was getting ready to sell the Headset.

The video title is quite captivating, but everyone was disappointed when VooDoo revealed that it was just footage of a visit he made a long time ago, before they went out of business :frowning: The only one that may have new information but is not allowed to share it is Sebastian, since he visited their offices about a month ago.

In my opinion, the tweet Acer made a few weeks ago where they mentioned the StarVR One is not that significant. They made one tweet, but aren’t replying to ANYONE requesting for more info. People are saying that some arcades in Japan have the headset, and these are the types of businesses that Acer is currently selling the StarVR One to, but even that may be erroneous information and simply rumors. If I’m a Japanese arcade owner, I bet I STILL can’t buy this damn thing!

Very frustrating.


Ah OK fair enough, yeah I haven’t been following the story at all, and the last I heard was that Starbreeze were in trouble and Acer were taking some or all of the VR assets etc. Thanks for the update!


They did more than a tweet. It was on the screen at the acer event when they showed ojo (for 20 seconds)


i only know one that had pre “One” Versions (older panels with slightly higher res but seemed to run with lower refresh rate like 60-70 Hz)


Well now. Color me shocked! I actually got a reply from these guys via twitter.

Time to stay tuned I guess :slight_smile:


Late to this thread, anyone got info on the pricing for the consumer version?