New Comfort Mods For Pimax Head Strap. Available To Buy Now



Just added two new products to the range. They can be viewed and purchased here:

The Deluxe strap has been custom made to fit the standard Pimax soft strap. It improves comfort and rigidity. This makes the headset fit more like a baseball cap rather than a sports bra pulled over your head :grinning: It also makes adjusting the height of the HMD a little easier by grabbing the center top and dispersing the weight evenly over your head

The Apache strap has been custom made to fit the Vive deluxe audio strap.The DAS is already a great head strap however this mod improves it even further. This level of comfort combined with wide FOV makes the Pimax feel like a military grade. It will work with both OG Vive and Pimax 8K series. You can attach the mod by simply wrapping it round the existing foam lining of the DAS shell. If you don’t mind modding your DAS you can simply trim the Vive foam lining on sides and top where it meets the Studioform strap. The velur material will hook back into place where you have trimmed the lining. A strip of Velcro is included so you can join the two straps at the top for better rigidity

The straps are made from quality foam backed material. I triple layer the straps for extra comfort. All straps are carefully hand made

Just to note the real color of the fabric is jet black not dark blue as it appears in some photos. Been having problems with my camera settings

Pimax Deluxe Strap (for standard Pimax head strap)

Apache Strap (for Vive deluxe audio strap)

OMG the strap is awful how do you get to fit?
I got my 5k+ today. The sweet spot is IMPOSSIBLE to get without holding the headset upwards with my hands...anyone else? any solution..?
Just got 5K+, still trying to wear it properly
First impressions of the 5K+ and last until the base stations and controllers arrive!
Got an email from pimax saying it has shipped! But no tracking number..?
Table of Contents (Wiki)
IPD, monocular recordings are different
Pimax, you have to provide headstrap asap!

I’ve ordered the Pimax “fits like a baseball cap, not a bra” comfort strap. It looks like it will arrive at least a month before my 8K. I’ll keep it next to the base station I can’t use yet. :thinking: :crazy_face: :laughing:

I don’t expect to get my “real” Pimax deluxe head strap for many months, so this will tide me over until then.




Awesome by the looks of the photo’s my Odyssey mod will work fine on my 5kBE when it arrives as I should
imagine the Odyssey will be retired:joy::joy::joy:


I wish they were all the same :slight_smile: The three straps are custom made to each headset. The Pimax strap is much longer but you can probably extend yours with extra Velcro


looks great,and ordered one…


Fantastic info, thanks @Davobkk

Ordered the Apache mod, will post results


I knew you would be tempted. It fits like a glove I swear. Trim the DAS lining where it meets the strap for best fitment. You can always keep the offcuts and put them back in. The Velcronics are well engineered in the Vive DAS :smiley:


Ordered the apache mod. Looks comfy.


Wow, actually something that is local and it’s vr related.


Thanks Thoemse. Look forward to your impressions


Please tell me you took through the Lens videos just like the odyssey+


You wouldn’t believe I spent 2 hours taking through the lens videos and I deleted them by accident. They were awesome too!! :expressionless: I will defiantly take more when I get time


100 videos and people still going to be asking for the 101th videos.

Just ask him his impressions on the comparison of both devices, that’s as real as it gets.


@Thoemse @twack3r @john2910 First batch of orders have been sent. Thanks for your support!


Are they going in to a warehouse first…? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I’m saying that cause i saw the best “through the lens” footage from anyone EVER from him (the odyssy+ through the lens videos)…


Yeah just received the shipping email, excited.

Do we know where these are shipped from and via what service?


No I’m not going for the kickstarter method haha :slight_smile:

All orders are sent within two days


I’m worried about cracked straps :slight_smile: