New Comfort Mods For Pimax Head Strap. Available To Buy Now

It wears now like a helmet. Really great.


Received the Apache strap last week. Night and day improvement in comfort with the DAS.


Awesome job thank you :slight_smile: Now I just need my HMDs :slight_smile:

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Got my dispatch email and tracking number, thanks! @Davobkk is there any chance we can put you in charge of Pimax deliveries :smile:


Fits like a glove right :slight_smile: Happy it works for you. Cheers!


Just received and what is does specifically for me and the DAS is it spreads the weight over a wider part of the top of my skull. I like to put the back as low as possible and pull up the front top strap so the Pimax does not rest on my nose. Eventually i get a lot of weight on a 1 inch square on the very top of my skull. I feel it in the second hour of Skyrim sessions and it annoys me. This did a great job of dispersing that weight. It also feels like a cap when you just put it on without adjustments. I think with the DAS it’s a great addition.


I can’t wait to get mine, I even rigged up a counter weight for the back of the DAS

Can you post a pic or tell us what you did.

I just found a common helmet counterweight that military uses to balance the weight of the front night vision on ebay, they are very cheap and use velcro, so I used an adhesive velcro strap on the DAS to attach, but they also have this:


Do you have tracking info for the US? Haven’t seen mine yet and was wondering when it might arrive.


Please send me your order number to

I bought the Pimax Strap 01.03.2019 cant wait to feel tight fit around my Head :smiley:

Straps arrived today @Davobkk, thank you very much!

I can only test my Lenovo one until the 5k+ arrives, but the improvement is much greater than I imagined. Got the strap into a good position very quickly, the headset now fits significantly more comfortably by resting more on the top of my head (strap material is very good), drops into the sweet spot more easily, and I don’t need to set it painfully tight against my forehead any more!

I’m certain I can comfortably use it now for much longer - great work, thanks again :+1:

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Thanks you made my day with this post! happy to hear its working for so many people. Did you buy the Apache?

Anyone else interested can view them here:


You deserve a happy day hehe :smiley: I bought the Odyssey and Deluxe straps


Hi i ordered myne on 01.03.2019 when does it get shipped? :smiley: i caaaaaant wait :smiley:

i sent an Email with my transaction Paypal Number @ studioform Email

I was amongst the first who bought the strap for the DAS but the 5K+ didn’t arrive until like three weeks ago. I immediatly installed the DAS and the apache strap. I did not find the thread about it anymore to give feedback though.

This strap is great! The DAS gave me a headache (litterally) when using it with the vive. I could not wear it for mnore than 30 minutes. I think it put pressure on some bein or something - I never found the cause of this. I tried mounting it in so many different ways.
I wear it with the back pretty far down. The Pimax is slight lifted up front because with my headshape this eliminates distortion. With the strap it is as easy as using a cap basically. No pain, no destortions - fits like a glove. I can recommend it to everyone.


Hi Dom

According to my tracking info your strap was delivered yesterday. Sorry the tracking info may have gone to your spam folder

Thoemse. Thanks for your awesome feedback. Happy it works for you!

Yup Spamfolder… so my Bad there :sweat_smile:
i asked my wife whats inside the Parcel and voila it had arrived, iam at work now so everything is Ok, the delivery was quite fast, thx for that! :smiley:

  1. fast answers when having a question!
  2. fast delivery (depends on country) (Germany)
  3. my Wife uses the Strap right now (what a sentence) and is (again what a sentence) very satisfied with it and cant wait to test it with me :smiley:
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