New Comfort Mods For Pimax Head Strap. Available To Buy Now



NZ Post. Untracked air mail but it’s quite reliable. Usually a maximum of 10 days. Let me know how you get on

I’ll send out a guide for fitting the Apache to the DAS! Hope it works for you




Looking forward to playing around with it.


You’re fast. I doubt my Pimax will be here as fast. I did the switch to 5k+ since the 8Ks are delayed to march. My 5k+ is on its way to the overseas warehouse but that could mean anything really. :slight_smile:

I got a vive with DAS though - I can fit it beforehand.


I don’t see that happening haha :slight_smile:


Thanks for this- question.

Do they feel different? In other words, I had planned to take my DAS from my Vive and use it on the Pimax. Would the first option make this unnecessary? Or is it still better to have your mod PLUS the DAS?



The Vive DAS is a really nice headstrap and this mod really just complements that. If your only having short play sessions the DAS might be good enough for you. If your using the headset for longer periods and want the best fit and comfort it might be worth getting. For a second opinion perhaps @tomohm could give his impressions. He has extended my Odyssey strap to work with his DAS while I send him the new one. @tomohm does it help balance the weight?


I added four thin strips of velcro to the Deluxe Odyssey strap to make it work with my VIVE DAS for my Pimax 8K. The Velcro attached without any issues so it couldn’t be any easier. I don’t own the VIVE HMD itself just the VIVE DAS for my Pimax. When I tried the VIVE hmd the first thing I noticed about it was that it was very front heavy. I’m sure this would help VIVE owners solve this issue with better balancing. I didn’t notice any balance issues though using the Pimax with the VIVE DAS so that was never an issue for me. But adding Davobkk’s Deluxe strap to the VIVE’s DAS with Pimax absolutely increased the comfort level! The unit felt lighter overall and simply felt better. The comment that with Davobkk’s strap feels like you’re wearing a baseball cap expresses my opinion perfectly. The feeling of wearing a baseball cap is vastly greater than that annoying single strap that comes with the VIVE DAS and the Pimax Strap accross the top of your head. That lone strap across the head with the VIVE DAS/Pimax strap simply for me doesn’t feel natural. Though, I’ve never wore a training bra myself so I can’t compare but that could be right… :laughing:


Got Pimax yesterday, spent all evening cursing the head bra. Its simply not fit for purpose. The HMD has to be locked into place in a very specific position for the distortion correction to work correctly. Ordered a Vive DAS and also the Apache DAS to beef it up. Looking forward to it.

We also need much thicker facial interface options. Stock face foam is not deep enough to get it optimally positioned.


Thanks for the order! Yes the stock strap is quite bad. The Vive DAS with Apache strap is really comfortable. I was testing it again earlier. These straps improve comfort and make it easier to adjust vertically but they don’t solve all the face foam issues.That’s something that varies with each face shape and needs some work. Hopefully VR cover will come up with something really soon :slight_smile: Cheers


Just as an FYI, I ordered this via

and the thicker 18mm foam works fantastically well for me.


Nice find… the American version of this could be found here…


Are the dimensions ok for the Pimax ?


Yes, that’s why I said


Cool, thats what i thought, just wanted to double check. Just ordered them !


Hi. will the one with the split ends for the DAS also be workable with the simpel pimax strap?
asking as i don’t have an DAS but want to option to get one.


Hi. Yes thd Apache DAS strap will work with the pimax soft strap. It is more suited to wrap round the earphone mount on the DAS with it’s split tabs but it will work fine. The Pimax deluxe strap will just grab the soft strap better because it’s one piece. Hope that answers your question


Hi @Davobkk a bit off-topic but did you prepared odyssey + vs pimax 5k+ through the leneses video already ?:slight_smile: Can’t find it in Odyssey topic…


Mine was broken after using it once. Bad quality.


Strange. I’ve been unsing mine daily for a few weeks now, no issues so far.


It broke at the top of the seam.

Edit : To avoid misunderstandings, i would like to clarify that i not mean @Davobkk his comfort strap! :slight_smile: