New Comfort Mods For Pimax Head Strap. Available To Buy Now



Yata. I had 10 through the lens videos of Elite and I deleated them all by accident :astonished: I have the Odyssey back now so I will take some more clips. I swapped headsets with @Oysta for 1 week. Finally got to try the 5K :slight_smile: Cheers @oysta1109


Let me know when you recieve yours. Cheers!


Thanks for the order! Let me know how you get on


What value did you put on the package as I live in the Netherlands and will have to pay import duty and tax if it is too high?


Hi Tonka. $35 NZD on the consignment notes. 25 EUR aprox

What is the Value limit to pay duty in the Netherlands?


No import duty I think but tax is above 22 EUR and you pay costs also.


@Davobkk Just ordered two and look forward to use them!:smile:


You’ll love it. It’s so simple basically but genious!
Have to laugh at myself thinking of his first panzer tape design. Said it looks ugly but probably doing the job for one person now it looks neat and is adjustable. Pretty sure it will be great on the pimax as well.


Is pay pal only paying option? I don’t use paypal and would rather pay by visa…


Haven’t got my pimax yet but ordered mine as they just look the goods. Thanks for putting out what looks to be a great item


Paypal uses your Visa and is a more secure transaction process because they don’t reveal your card number to vendors.


$53.20 Canadian dollars, it’s a nice mod but a little pricey for what it is. Will keep it in mind and see what the Pimax feels like first without it.


I don’t want paypal to have my bank account/cc info.


I received mine today. It was exceedingly-well packed. (2 layers of bubblewrap around a coiled headstrap layered with paper, to prevent the Velcro from sticking to anything.) There was no customs fee.

It appears to be of high quality (good material which is well-sewn), but unfortunately, I can’t actually test it, since I’m waiting on my 8K.


That’s great to hear. 8 day shipping! Hope you get your Pimax soon


You don’t have to sign up or create account or anything. They just become the middle man whereby you know who they are and can seek redress if they don’t keep your card details secure.

The alternative is giving your credit card to someone who you don’t know who they are and have no redress when your credit card is being auctioned on the dark web.

Banks suck. But this is a much more secure way to do international transactions with someone you don’t know.

I have a hobby business where customers can use credit cards via paypal. When a customer phones and asks if they can just pay direct with credit card and not via paypal, I comment on my shock that someone who is concerned about privacy and their financial security has phoned someone they don’t know to attempt to give me personal details and access to their finances and if I were to do it would be writing it down on the first piece of scrap paper in front of me and then leaving it sitting around on a desk all day for anyone to find. Or they could use a secure system set up to protect privacy and finances with someone they can identify and seek legal redress with if the security was not maintained.

I wish I could avoid banks, but it’s safer to me to use them than give credit card details out to strangers.

I use to work in a role which included doing some probation and parole work with juveniles. One kid had just gotten fed up with things one day and grabbed a customers credit card details from the store he worked in (a store who did take your credit card details…and left them sitting around for anyone in the staff area to access) and booked a limousine, a helicopter and a private plane. The limo took him to the heli. The heli gave him a joyride and took him to the plane. The plane operator thought he looked a bit young and made some enquiries and found out he’d billed it all to some sucker who gave up their credit card details to a store with no secure way of storing those details.


I haven’t use Paypal for years. Back then its required to create an account and provide bank info. Maybe that has been changes. If there is no need to setup paypal account then I’m fine with using paypal. I will give it a shot.

Many places now a day has law which require no storing credit card in vendor’s system. They always need to go through 3rd party check it comes to credit card payment. So vendor’s employee cannot steal customer cc information. I’m IT consultant and I had did few project to help client transition their payment system to external payment system.

But I agree with you, if cc info is stored in vendor system its definitely not safe at all. Many bigger online vendor now all offer NOT storing cc info in their site. And I always choose not to let vendor store my cc info.


Hi Douglas. Paypal will give you the option to log in and pay with your PayPal account OR pay by credit card. Currently shipping orders next day. Thanks!


im using the standard trap and with this mod, it makes it quite comfy.
vive das not fitting my head to well (maybe i got a weird head shape lol)


Tried these, they are too thick so my glasses do not fit. Also when I pulled it off the hmd the seams ripped. Cheaply made!