New Comfort Mods For Pimax Head Strap. Available To Buy Now



Hey Oysta. I’ll bring you your deluxe strap when I picup the DAS :slight_smile: Did you manage to get the 3D printed clips to work?


Your talking about the Amazon facefoam right?


Yes, the one linked above


DAS didn’t fit me well so I didn’t go further, (also looked like it needed to disassemble some parts to remove the original clips, I will probably screw it up lol)

But I am happy with the extra support working with the standard strap tho


Yeah I think you need to use the clips to make it fit and tension like the Vive. I wouldn’t risk it with your return unit


Do I need to make any mod to DAS if I get apache? I plan on using DAS on Pimax 5k (when it arrived… god know when) until Pimax shipped their own DAS. I still have my Vive and I would like to be able to use DAS later on.


No you can fit it without cutting anything, however if you like it to mod things you can trim the DAS foam lining where it meets the strap. The Apache hook into place same as the stock foam. There’s also some hook and loop tape provided if you want to attach it to the DAS overhead strap for more rigidity


No I don’t like to mod thing. So what you are saying is that I can install Apache and DAS on Pimax without cutting anything and it will just fit. And I can later remove apache and put the DAS back to Vive without any issue.


Yes. That’s how I used it. It wraps around and you can leave the top flap of the DAS. Fits your head like a glove


I just order one alone with Odyssey strap. Now just need to wait for my 5k to arrive…


Thanks Douglas. I just saw that. I’ll get yours into todays batch


Sent your order yesterday. Expect about 8 days to Canada

Let me know how you get on. Cheers



Received it yesterday. Professionally packaged, nicely sewn and a considerable increase in comfort on the 5K+ with DAS. Fantastic job, well done!


Just ordered the Pimax strap! Thanks


Couldn’t be happier it works for you!

Thanks For the support :+1:


Hi Kmeleon

It’s Saturday here so I’ll send your order first thing Monday



Awesome! 202020202020


Also what is everyone’s thoughts on the Apache strap? Mediocre/good/great? In terms of comfort I mean



Hi Davobkk

I just receive the Apache today. There doesn’t seems to have any adaptor to attach DAS to Pimax? How do I attach the two side of DAS to Pimax headset?