New Comfort Mods For Pimax Head Strap. Available To Buy Now



It is what the first 5k+ should have been. No black dots. If these were the first units sent out then a lot of complaints would have been avoided so is the negative publicity.

Casing needs more time to see if there is actual improvement but im ready to move on if it happens again, for me it’s a risk with kickstarter, im not going to lose my mind over it lol.

Another thing is the pimax das might not fit me as well when it’s released. im sure your strap will come in handy in time.


That’s good news. We should catchup again at some stage! I hope this headset keeps going strong

Can you PM your delivery address. I’ll send you the correct strap for your Pimax :wink: You need the Pimax Deluxe


The “studioform” tag looks great!

I’m still really loving your strap… no doubt about it makes the Pimax headset far more comfortable with the VIVE DAS. There’s no way I could ever go back without it. I’m really hoping that it will also fit the Pimax’s DAS once they begin sending them out…if not, you’ll have to create a new one!!!


Hey but the old one works fine still, and im ok with it.


Hi, I ordered a DAS strap last saturday. Can you tell me how long it should take to get a tracking number plz?


OK ordered the Deluxe strap but that comes to £25. I will certainly include it in my 8K review alongside the VR cover face foam I am using. Not great though that Pimax don’t have this stuff sorted themselves or enlisted these vendors as official Pimax partners.



Hi Korgen. The tracking notification may have gone to your spam folder

I’m not sure what order you placed but you can email me your details and I will take a look. Thanks!


Whilst you are here, will the deluxe strap relieve pressure off the face/cheekbones/sinuses?


Yes it helps hold the eye box firm and distrubute the weight a little better. When you tighten the Pimax top velcro strap it hitches and pushes down on my mod distributing the weight. That’s what it did for me at least. Can’t speak for everyone’s face shape though :+1:


let’s see in private :wink:


Just a heads up. I ordered 8 days ago and the deluxe strap arrived this morning. Cheers. My only suggestion would be to include the image on the reverse of the Peter Jackson card showing the best way to fit the strap to the headset (even if I can easily view on the website where ordered).

btw typing this in Virtual Desktop using the 8K.


Thanks for the tip Rob. How many people do think know who PJ is? :slight_smile: Happy it got to you fast


You should make a new facial interface that clips into hmd that gets your eyes as close as possible. I’m not talking about the face foam. I mean the plastic piece. I’d def buy that. If you have a wider iPd and don’t have the nose bridge issue, getting your eyes closer is niice


Delivered yesterday :+1:

I agree with Robcram, I had to go on the website to be sure how to fit :wink:

It makes the whole set less flexible, so a bit harder to fit the headset with glasses unless you unscratch each velcro. But once everything fixed on your head, it stabilizes vertical moves and increases comfort.


Well I got my SFCS today and I have to say even though I won it (qualifier there) I would recommend it to anyone with a DAS.
I am using a Vive Das with a 5 ounce counterweight at the back which help considerably, but the addition of this strap made my day.
Not having to fiddle with the Pimax when it would drift off the prime focus position put a smile on my face as I played for hours today.
The Vive DAS has a tightening dial but previous to the StudioFormCreative strap, I had to have it uncomfortably tight and close. This was the final piece to the puzzle in finding a comfortable solution I could wear for hours.


Nice to hear it helps with your motion rig. Cheers


That’s it! Ordered one too… :wink::+1:


Hey @Davobkk nice to see @mixedrealityTV gave you a plug!


Just bought this for Pimax with Vive DAS Strap - looking forward to increased comfort :slight_smile:

@Davobkk Thanks for making these.



Do you have a time for new stock of the the Apache strap for the DAS ?