New highlighted tags are distracting on dark theme



It seems that someone added the new tags, which are using bright colors, and probably did not check it on the dark theme, where these tags are brighter and more flashy then the topic names.

I am not sure what was the reason for the change (at least on dark theme the tags were perfectly fine) now they are distracting on both desktop and even more on mobile dark theme version of the forum.



I would agree somewhat and yet preface that to say that the mind has a funny way of getting used to (pretty quickly) what otherwise might have felt like a visual distraction or eyesore and making it the new normal so to speak. I have a route66 neon sign above my TV that I dont even see when anymore when watching it.


Yep don’t find the Cat highlight distracting myself on Dark Theme.


I’ve been transitioning so to speak to a darker theme over the last few years on many sites including my email client because it’s easier on the eyes overall so that might have an influence on my take of the new colorful tags.


I prefer Dark theme as well. Also Nostaligic of DOS days. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


ha yea, the good old days of windows 3.1 and staring at the dos promp trying to conjure up a command or editing the config.sys or autoexec.bat file to make magic happen. I think computing was more fun in some ways back then because it was all undiscovered country. Now it’s just No Country For Old Men :wink:


Indeed you needed to be a wizard to free up as much as possible of the base 640k. Lol