New HP 4K HMD $599



It’s just a person surmising a May 20th release date. Please fact check before posting. Luckily as a potential customer I have been following all of this very closely hence why I find it hard to believe PimaxUSA statement that HP has delayed the launch BECAUSE of the issues Ars Technica has had with the headset. Nowhere has actually confirmed that. What has been said is Ars Technica’s review has been delayed because of the troubles with the headset. People keep posting crap about this without fact checking is totally misleading.

Last official word is May 8th for NA and an undisclosed time in the next few weeks for other regions.



Here, one buyer, who reserved HP Reverb on Amazon, had delivery dates today in order:

Looks like they’ll be sending soon.


Cool! Unfortunately my order status on hasn’t changed yet, but it’s good to see that there now at least seems to be some progress


It was posted more than just there. Looks to be just a 2 day delay. But might be like Valve index varies on release by region.


Yeh the PR person Joanna, already said that UK/Europe will have to wait some time before they can order. That was last week. I would hope then by next week if all things go to plan we can get in there.

Fingers crossed.


MRTV just got the Reverb, really looking forward to the comparison between pimax.


Someone has already received .


But says practically nothing about it that most people don’t already know. It’s an unboxing video rather than hands-on impressions. He really should change the title. Some of his other “hands-on” videos he actually uses the device and talks about it. A waste of time in my opinion.


Agreed. He does say some interesting things in the comments though:

I would say its MUCH crisper than most headsets. I think the only headset that is comparable would be the StarVR headset, but that thing was quite large and had a very wide FOV. I would also say this is the easiest to read text in thus far, ignoring the Varjo because that thing has 2 displays per eye

He’s going to do a more in depth review so that should be interesting


Hmm quite a disappointing conference call from Kopin. They barely touched on the subject of the BOE OLED facility. They only said that production should come online in the 2nd half of this year. Too bad, had hoped that the production already had started. So if the HTC Cosmos in fact is going to use these panels, they’re probably due for fall or even winter this year.

So for the next few months, the only 2k * 2k panels available are the LCD ones that are used in this HP Reverb HMD


Acer Ojo will use the same panels, right?


Yeah, they’re also using those same JDI LCD panels that the Reverb is using. It’s dead silent though on that front, no updates or estimates on delivery at all from Acer



They don’t look that sharp but most probably that is because of the camera…


My improvised “8K vs HP Reverb” comparison based on my photos through a lens versus a photo through a MRTV lens :sunglasses: :laughing: :wink:
(Project Cars 2)
PiTool 1.0, SS = 100%.


These HP trough the lens pictures looking amazing can’t notice any mura as mentioned. Can’t wait to see the review. Seems like the winner for simulation . He comented that he got with 150% ss 50 fps in DCs with the 1080 ti. Now i’m really hyped about this HMD.


Wow these pics look really good! Man getting excited now :slight_smile:


Yes, I do not see Mura here either.
Maybe it was a defective copy, I hope.
Of course, MRTV images do not have high clarity, so it is unlikely that there will be a correct comparison.
But at least you can imagine something :roll_eyes:

Hopefully he will release a Big review soon and a lot of lens comparisons with Pimax and other headsets.
A headset with such a high resolution should be given a lot of attentio :star_struck:.


It is quite apparent the HP Image has the superior image


Yes, Reverb should definitely be much clearer and less SDE, given that 8K is at the level of Lenovo Explorer by resolution …
(If 8K would have 4K panels with a real RGB pattern, then this would be an interesting comparison.
8K-X must be fully competitive :roll_eyes:).