New HP 4K HMD $599



Too bad there’s still no shop where you can actually get one right now. Also my Amazon order status hasn’t updated. Also still doesn’t even list it. Quite disappointing, I want one NOW :slight_smile:


It is in the HP store but the status is out of stock.


It means it has not been deployed yet to ordering


You want to try some more?



And here is more to come :smiley:


Oh yes, thank you, it will be interesting when I have time :beers::grin: :+1:
(Hopefully a big review of MRTV will be released soon, with a bunch of comparisons :roll_eyes: )

One more:

I do not even see a hint of the existence of pixels :grinning::+1:


This should have been the panels of the index. I don’t know why Valve is aiming for a high end consumer market but just uses some casual res displays i don’t think that a high refreshrate will make such a diffrence compared to high res.

After this pictures i’m really hyped.


Woah these pics look really just amazing. Man I’m hoping @mixedrealityTV will hurry with his review, I can’t wait anymore :slight_smile:


Dear all! I am going to spend the whole night taking pictures. I am nearly through with the HP Reverb pics. Now going to do the same pics with Odyssey Plus, Pimax 5K Plus and probably some more headsets. :slight_smile: Big review will come for sure!


Give us some beautiful Skyrim landscapes too :slight_smile:
Want to know how the quality on mid and far distance is like !


Striking clarity, in shock! :star_struck:


Well…probably the sharpest looking through the lens photos I’ve ever seen.


Took his comparison from youtube and added this one, seem pretty awesome.

His answer about mura was " There is Mura but in game it is neglectible! Really glad about it! "


Man these pics are unreal. I almost can’t believe it looks THAT good. I honestly think that these pics are better than the actual image. But even then, man this look really really promising.


Same for me, this was the HMD which i was waiting for and now finally to hear that it isn’t a disappointment makes me really hope again after the mura story.


Yeh I tend to agree somewhat. I mean, look at the colour of that last image remembering this is so called inferior LCD panel. That green looks too intense man compared to the others.


Did the same with the zoomed in and added the 5k+, it looks still impressiv. Hope Sebastian will come soon with his review.

If you check his twitter he seems pretty impressed, so there is hope that we got a really amazing sim HMD.


Yeah. Plus in most reviews the reviewers state there’s still some SDE, although almost gone. But in the pics from Sebas we see 0 SDE. None. So I do think these pics make the situation look slightly better than it really is. But man, it surely all seems hopeful.


Well now we know what the JDI 1000PPI panels look like :wink:


Hehehe Sebas seems to enjoy it

Doom VFR On HP Reverb (Through The Lens). VR has never looked so good, this is mind boggling! Runs super smooth on my GTX1080ti! Check how the gun looks like…! #mindblown