New HP 4K HMD $599



the reverb is what ppi? less than 1000…?


Reverb has a panel 2160h2160 size of 2.89 inches, which means 1057 PPI :+1:

And I decided to enlarge the eye :sunglasses:


Resolution will be great … I wonder if FOV will feel bad going from Pimax to Reverb.


This is a good question … I myself puzzled over him.
It seems to me a big FOV will still be attractive for many games even with a lower resolution.
But the video and specific games like simulators will be better on HP Reverb definitely, because small details are important.


I just read RoadToVR review… looks like they aren’t so positive about it.

FOV sounds like same as Vive (which is horrendous actually after Pimax), and it still has god rays and chromatic abbheration and pupil swim and red smear … on top of Mura.

While better resolution might be better for DCS … I’m happy with Pimax 8K for most ganes now … would rather wait for something at XTAL level.


YES, I myself am quite happy with 8K for most games, I just don’t see SDE there, they look great.:grinning::+1:
But still, in auto-simulators, I lack a bit of resolution, because 8K in terms of resolution at the LenovoExporer level..


Yes, I tried Assetto Corsa with my 8K once and quickly concluded that it is no good for racing sim yet. Can’t understand how some people can play racing sims in Rift/Vive level resolution. You’re just staring at pixels in the distance at the center 90% of the time.

So I guess Reverb would be better for that.


Looks like the new 2K panels will beat the crap out of all the other hmds when it comes to clarity. :heart_eyes:


Now the problem is actually getting one. The web launch was supposed to be this week but it appears they are sold out on the official website. Apparently, other places such as Amazon haven’t actually received their inventories yet. Another rumour suggests mid May for more availability. This seems in line with what Joanna Popper said about a few weeks for other territories. Hopefully then, by this time next week there will be more availability, however, I suspect there is way more interest in this now than previously so any stock will be eaten up pretty fast.


The answer is: YES. But the picture is so damn nice though!


That’s why I say that 8K / 5K + and HP Reverb are the best VR set for 2019 :sunglasses:

  1. Pimax - for the general good experience with big FOV.
  2. HP - for narrower directions (video + simulators)

8K-X most likely replaces both :roll_eyes:
Therefore, I do not really want to hurry with the purchase of Reverb, although I really want to have a headset with such high definition and resolution .

(valve index does not cause much interest on this background, because does not give anything higher…)

The 8K should have become similar in resolution to the HP Reverb, only with upscaling, if it had real 4K panels.
8K should not have been close to 5K + by resolution at all.
But, we have what we have …

When will anyone tell us which panels are in 8K? (labeling, current permission, etc.) :roll_eyes:
Really, no one has opened it yet?


Not if they’re not upgrading from the current panels. They’ll need at least RGB panels. And then, it remains ‘pimax’ with all its problems and its flaws.


It is determined that nothing will help the current 8K panels.
Here, take the same Pimax 4K, in it, though upscaling, but the quality is still much better. That says that he has a real 4K-panel, unlike 8K.

Of course, I meant that in 8K-X there will be real 3840x2160 RGB panels for the corresponding expectation of quality.


That would be a very good step in the right direction. Then the next thing they’d need to look into are the distortion problems but so far Pimax has not even once commented on the issue. I’m really not sure if they’re even capable of fixing things like that. But if they don’t, I’m not interested.

@Flinnt said it very well in another thread, it’s exactly how I feel about the 5k+:

Pimax is what I was originally expecting before trying rift. Noticeable latency and the world doesn’t look correct in dimensions at all and warps with movement. And leaves me not fooled at all, just sitting playing a video game. Much less resolution and fov has me fooled often and I am there.

The 5k+ just doesn’t give me the feeling of being there. If they can’t fix that, then I’m really not interested. I’d take a smaller FoV HMD that actually does give me that feeling, over a Pimax any time. The 5k+ is an interesting HMD though, since it’s the only HMD with such high FoV and it’s very interesting to experiment with. But it’s just very far from grown up.


Yes, but the advantage of wide FOV is difficult to reject …
The distortions in 8K on me practically do not affect (although I know about them).
The most important thing is my disappointment in 8K - these are panels …
Otherwise, I am pleased with the wide FOV for the money. I miss
only higher resolution.

And I am ready to choose 8K X with real 4K panels with the current drawbacks instead of all headsets. (if the resolution, clarity and SDE are not worse than the Pimax 4K, or near HP Reverb)

But you are right, there are still flaws, and it is not known whether they will ever be able to eliminate them.


I still think the lenses are not optimal, I almost got no distortions left and right but at the top and the bottom they are quite distracting…

The lenses need some rework or a complete redesign.

@PimaxVR order a XTAL and copy those lenses… :wink:


Yeah interestingly enough not everybody experiences them in the same way. If you’re fine with the 5k+/8k, then the 8k-X (if it has full RGB) will surely be a very interesting HMD


How is the FOV compared to the small FOV of Pimax, is there a big diffrence? And do WMR use some kind of reprojection?

I’m playing most of my simulation games on small FOV, so if there isn’t a big diffrence, reverb would be a good choice.


I wonder if this is because the “low persistence” is not really that low (but low for LCD at the time of kickstarter) and maybe even higher than OLED.


Same for me, somehow i’m more immersed with my vive than my 5k+