New HP 4K HMD $599



The FOV is a let down. I cannot understand that 114° marketing gag. More in the full review.


On normal FOV for me they are barely noticeable. Just wish I could get the IPD/Optics locked in. I’ve tried everything and its about 90% where my Vive was (which was perfect). Pimax even sent me another foam (which was same thickness with a lower bottom part) no good. Its one of the main reasons I pre ordered the index. Res and Fov pimax are awesome though. The only hope now with the Pimax 5k+ for me is if the can set the IPD and distortion profile based on eye tracking. But since eye tracking is free for backers and will only cost Pimax money I doubt we will get them any time soon, if at all.


Agreed, even with high resolutions panels is horrible to look in a tube… not for me , I will wait for a high resolution and at least 150 - 200 FOV.


Looks like we have a clear winner! :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


I think it will come down to application of use. Ie VD-> HP


its not even close! …


Indeed new RGB panels same size as 5k+


That’s the point too. Rainbow RGB vs 5k+ RGB psnel


Indeed even considering doing something like wearity sky lenses for 150 fov


Hp Reverb is what Pimax should have done with redo on the 4k. Add lighthouse tracking done.


Exactly this I’ve been thinking too. Not sure why Pimax didn’t do it.


Hmm that doesn’t sound too good. However, given the fact that current GPU’s can only push a limited amount of pixels, I personally don’t mind too much about giving up peripheral view for more clarity. I think that’s what Valve did quite well, I think 130 degrees might be the sweet spot here.

Really hoping that the Reverb’s smaller FoV won’t be a deal breaker here.




I’m sold, can’t wait to buy this HMD.
Hope the review video will come soon.


Told you we have a clear winner. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:

If it looks as good as the pic; you might think you could touch it.


Wow! That looks amazing. Hope I get to try one soon.


The release is a master cluster f*ck anyway, even Pimax are pro’s compared to HP here. I mean, no info AT ALL. Are they working on the mura issue? Are there other issue’s? Are they shipping? If not, when? No, complete silence …


Here’s a good hands on impressions from pcworld

Idk how to fix the link lol. And yeah hp are really really grinding my gears here cause I REALLY wanna buy it too but…HP. For god’s sake man


Dont be to excited about FPS as this guy dont even know how start the plane and I never see him on YT with hotas.
Static shoots in hangar probably.


Nope, I was indeed flying. :slight_smile: This guy made the plane take off!