New HP 4K HMD $599



UploadVR made a Rift S vs Reverb controller tracking video.


Oi that’s not bad at all, I expected much worse yessss


airstart ? :slight_smile:
Still wonder if this 50 fps is constant , at low altitude or close to buildings usually they droping, even 15 frames down.


agreed. This was the upgrade the 4K needed. But that would have killed the 8k marketing. You would have to rename the 8k to the 4k XR or something for wider field of view.


Really? The Reverb is days late. How long were the Pimax products delayed? Or even the normal retail sales wait time after the backer stuff was over?


I’m thinking that HP Reverb show us how good Pimax 8k-X can be if the team will choose RGB display ofcourse.

@PimaxVR @PimaxUSA @Dallas.Hao could you please speed up 8k-X development as in terms of clarity 5k+ is not longer a winner :frowning:
and I’m thinking that with FFR, SmartSmooting and 3x FOVs, 3x Hz modes we can enjoy playing games and sims with huge clarity boost on that version.


At least Pimax spoke to us. Well most of it were lies of course or at least updates that had not much to do with how things were in reality. But HP is telling us nothing at all. We don’t know what’s happening, if this is going to take days, weeks, months … It’s quite frustrating


Nothing about what? The product isn’t even for sale (No one has spent money on it) and you are already bitching, calm down!


Yeah I am bitching. They first told us release in April. Then april passed, without any update or info. No shipments. Then they said May 6th. Which passed, without any info or updates. Then they said shipping had started. But nobody has gotten anything. And now we don’t know what’s going on, when this will be released. Maybe they have serious hardware issue’s with the panels and we’re looking at months of delay. Or maybe it’s just a quick firmware fix and shipping starts tomorrow. But either way it’s quite a mess. So I think I have every right to say something about that. And who are you anyway to tell others to stop ‘bitching’? The internet police?


I could see if you already put money down, but no one has. So the whining is annoying and pointless.


Your bitching at others is more annoying and even more pointless. So just let people blow off steam if they’re frustrated with a company.


I’m curious if it’s gonna beat the OD+ by far, still really happy with it. Just can not believe that HP delivers blacks like shown on the photos on an LCD… +that stunning crispness. Too good to be true, I mean look at the pics, it’s not only a step up. It looks like a whole different world.
There just gotta be a catch…
I still use the Pimax with fun, but the OD+ way more often, figured that bigger FOV is only extra benefitial on quater/third of the games I play.


Good version of a classic


Posted on reddit 4 hours ago:

I just contacted HP, They do not know anything regarding re-stocking. Many people have been calling them also


Lol must be a small noob company… Oh wait they got over 50k employees? :smiley:


HP tbh their customer support & quality has dropped considerably.

My gf bought a $50 hp printer that wasn’t working right WiFi or direct pc connection. She called HP support. The Tech wanted her to spend up to $200 on support for a printer under warrenty! When she took the printer back; no questions on it’s return.


Hehe. Well like somebody on reddit noticed, “HP hasn’t had an interesting product in a long time, they are so used to making dull but worthy things they probably never anticipated that people might be excited by this” :slight_smile:


I don’t know if this is true, but …:roll_eyes:


Hm I prefer 2 cam WMR anytime over 4 cam HTC :joy:


I still think HTC is going for the OLED BOE 2k * 2k panels. HTC originally said they wanted to ship Cosmos in Q1 to developers but that hasn’t happened. If they’re using those BOE panels then I guess that might make sense it seems BOE doesn’t have production capacity up just yet and HTC would need more than just a few panels. Also I think it would make a lot of sense for HTC to choose 2k*2k. They were the first with the Vive Pro with 1600p resolution. And why would they directly compete with Valve and Oculus that have covered the 1600p resolution market quite well now? It would much more sense for them to go for the pro/enterprise market. And if Sebastian is hinting that’s true, then that’s an extra confirmation :slight_smile: