New HP 4K HMD $599



It’s not even confirmed that they’re using the same panels and this guy is going like “iT iS AlMoSt A 100% uSiNg ThE sAmE pAnElS gUyS” what an idiot…


BTW, display week is coming up next week. That’s going to be a nice look into the future of VR. I think JDI and BOE introduced their 2k * 2k panels there 2 years ago? So what they’re going to present next week will be what we’re talking about in 2 years I guess :slight_smile: BTW I’ve read in their conference call that eMagin will be present to plug their upcoming 4k*4k OLED prototype. They don’t have one to demonstrate just yet but they’re working on it and are actively looking for customers, they said they had locked in one tier-1 VR client already. Their prototype should be reality later this year.

EDIT hmm I was just looking back at the display week highlights, it was actually last year that JDI showed-off their 2k * 2k panel (that HP is using now), nearing release. But in 2017 BOE already showed an 3.5" 4k * 4k prototype:


Yes, 3.5 "4k * 4k will be ideal for VR in the near future, in my opinion

In the end, for this resolution, can use upscaling from the current 2K * 2K in Reverb. (In Pimax 4K, an excellent upscale on the 4K panel).

It will be just incredible clarity and the complete absence of SDE for human vision :heart_eyes:

And can also release variations with a wider FOV (130-140) due to the increased diagonal of the panels 3.5 ". And it will still be very clear and high resolution.

Of course, HP Reverb is not ideal, but already close.
But in any case, it will be an intermediate option, given the upcoming gorgeous panels.


Oh man, an 2k * 2k -> 4k * 4k upscaler with those panels = VR heaven :slight_smile: Since BOE actually introduced prototypes 2 years ago already I think they COULD be mass producing them quite soon. But I’m pretty sure they won’t because of the extremely slow pace the VR market is developing, mostly held back by very slow development in the GPU market. I don’t think it would make sense for them to release such panel anytime soon. Also I don’t think there are even upscalers (small enough to fit a HMD) available to handle this (although there are 8k TV’s with upscalers of course available, so who knows …).

One can always dream :slight_smile:


Especially with the flex scaler. Native or upscale.


MRTV will release the reverb review in few hours.

Really excited what he thinks about the HMD.


There were such a comparison with other headsets.
We are waiting for a written review with more detailed comparisons through the lens.


Ok after seeing sebastian’s review I’m sure I want it :slight_smile: Seems a really nice HMD. Thanks @mixedrealityTV


Hey @mixedrealityTV did you try 180 3D videos? You know which ones i’m talking about lol. Was mura there still? distracting since you were sitting down…? are these better than the 5k+ for virtual desktop and 180/360 videos?

Do you prefer the reverb or 5k+ for roomscale, seated/cockpit, and movies?



To me it looks like a half step ahead…as Sebastian stated, FOV is even less than on Ody+ , and if I have to come back to the small binocular fov like it was on the Lenovo or Rift , no way !.. $600 just for a higher res image is not worth it in my opinion…will wait to see how the Index’s FOV will turn out in real world values, or maybe an improved, more reliable version of the 5K , with better panels.

I also think that all this rushing for new headsets will only turn on against us the consumers in the end, if everyone buys just anything new, with just crumbs added, we will end up waiting more and more for real improved VR and wider FOV, because…remember, all that big companies want is just selling you anything, multiple times, just capitalizing more and more, leaving you to wait for the next improvement, when in reality they already have anything needed to fill all the consumers expectations already, on an HW level…

Be more smart consumers, for God’s sake… or every company will turn out to just cheat you off , treating us like chickens, like Nvidia is doing.

Want real innovation and wide FOV ? Then just refuse all this rubbish coming out now, like the Rift S joke…and we will see the real RV 2.0 sooner than later…


What is it you want ? Are you sure everybody else want that ?
Increased FOW means decreased resolution.



Exactly this. @lillo is overlooking the simple reality that we have limited GPU power to divide over:

  • FoV
  • resolution
  • refresh rate

And since we all are different and we all want different things, it’s only logical and actually a good thing that we have different options. For me personally I mainly and firstly want resolution and no SDE, so for me the HP is the ONLY choice. If you mainly want big FoV, get the Pimax. And if you believe in high refresh rates and a trade-off between resolution and FoV, the Index will be the HMD to fulfill your wishes.

And then there are people with very limited budgets so they are catered by Oculus. And they will buy VR titles too, making the industry bigger which is good for everybody.


Wearality Sky demonatrated a good design on lenses could have been done on some of these new gen1 headsets.


What we are missing is an HMD with same FOV as Pimax Normal FOV but maximizes screen/pixel usage for that level of FOV.


You’re just using limited thinking…that’s what companies want you to think.

Tech to solve any and every minor thing you think about, is already there and available…it just has never came out from research labs, I’ve seen some of these working , with my eyes.

  • 1000 dpi 4K wide aspect ratio panels ? Can be done.
  • 240 Hz Oled panels with no SDE submatrix ? Exist.
  • New tech to speedup existing graphic card technology, in both hw and sw by around 50-100 times ? Exists…
  • And many more techs…

You just don’t know it…companies are hiding it and telling you it is 10 years away, or too expensive to build…LIES…they just want to sell you rubbish one crumb at a time.

WAKE UP, stop being merely “Consumers” (even the term used tells it all…) become smart buyers, companies sell what you want them to sell you, if you realize it only depends from your choices…


Ok, so you start Lillo Virtual Reality Tech Company ™ and you’re going to build the HMD of your dreams, 6k * 3k per eye over 180 degrees FoV at 120 hz. Now where are you going to source your panels? Your bridge chips? Over which cables are you going to pump the data? And with what GPU’s are consumers supposed to power these?

Of course it’s true that some tech developers are not releasing their latest tech. But fact of the matter is that in the current landscape, as as HMD manufacturer, you will have to work with what’s available and thus you have to make choices between resolution, FoV and Hz.


True but we know VR is heavily unoptimized (psvr demoed this with gen1)

But it is true the next 10 years of tech exists and is trickling out to max profits. But we all know that’s old news & quite common practise.

Now sj we could buy 1 of those $7000 roadside TV Gpus. Lol. 10-12k for gpu & headset. :beers::joy::+1::sparkles:


See sjef ??? You just answered your own questions, but at the same time showed how deep your ignorance of the matter is…and how badly you confront the problem in just a time wasting, endless circle attitude…just to kill time and make cheap talk about it :slight_smile:

If I (or any one who really knows technology) started a company or try to make such an effort, the blockages preventing it would be endless… (just look StarVR, and to a smaller extent Pimax and any other past serious effort to push any tech too far ahead of its time…) and no investors would ever approach it in any case…and if a public financing (like kickstarter for example) would ever made success, the blockages would pop-up after that in an endless way, because there are forces that control the economy and tech that DON’T WANT IT TO HAPPEN…truth is, THE TECH MUST STAY AT THE SAME CURRENT LEVEL…

The only way to make it happen is to people becoming aware of it in huge numbers, and stop buying the rubbish they want you to buy…this will finally change things and unveil tech that I can assure you, is already available and is something like 100 years ahead, plus could be fabricated in just 1-2 years time, possibly less…just the necessary time to adapt the fabrication processes and factories.

This power is in our hands, NO ONE ELSE but you all have it, but we have to be aware in high numbers and asking it, and it would happen in no time…


And you’re still here talking cheap, useless talk, running circless…and keeping to desire small crumbs…and giving endless “likes” to people that say opposite and contradicting things, just to not feel your miserable life running away fast…

No…you haven’t known anything…just trying to make your cages look a little less miserable than what they already are :smiley: