New HP 4K HMD $599



Ok so you’re reasoning is that if we don’t buy any of those new HMD’s, then Analogix will release faster bridge chips, Displayport will come up with new cable tech, BOE will release 3k* 6k panels and NVIDIA/AMD will release GPU’s that are 4x faster than the current gen. And because nobody bought their last gen products and they made no money (and incurred heavy losses) and saw demand totally crash, they will all invest heavily to speed up product cycles. Right?


Well…this is the simpliest form to look at the matter and express it but yes…a company can’t exist if it is not feeded, starve it and will fail in less than 2 years, but they are not stupid, they will try to make anything just to keep selling you and sustain their existence.

And they don’t have to invest anything, THEY ALREADY HAVE IT in their closed drawers, and there are ENDLESS patents already available to be just used (go take a look at what science fiction patents are freely consultable at the US patent office online…).

Nvidia ?..they already have their next 2-3 tech iterations already designed or conceptualized…any company has… they just make it’s launch as late as possible, and possibly making 1-2 products in-between with just minor optimizations…


Ok but I’m really looking forward to this HP HMD, like we can see in the photos Sebastian posted, this is truely next gen in terms of image fidelity.

And if I’m the only one not buying it because I want to make a statement to BOE, Analogix, Displayport, NVIDIA/AMD, it seems that those missed revenues are unlikely to even get noticed?


If that is your life’s highest goal to reach, looking for crumbs…enjoy it :slight_smile:

Lillo out ! :wave:


Thanks for the awesome discussion Lillo. Good luck not buying any HMD to teach NVIDIA a lesson. They will not know what hit 'em!


Now I’m curious. What’s Your goal?


Lillo will not buy another HMD until 3k*6k@120 hz over 180 FoV comes out. And when that happens in 2024, of course only because of Lillo’s behaviour, then he’s reached his goal.


Mind… Blown… :exploding_head::astonished:


I get what Lilo is saying but people ARE going to purchase the crumbs because theres no way we are going to be able to convince people to boycott the crumbs. I cant believe how many people are buying the overpriced 2080ti GPU and like Lilo said they likely have new gen card tech thats twice “power” as current gen but theyre just waiting to release after they milked the public for the “latest” tech whcih is only advance slightly (crumbs), Nvidia could just bypass the crumb cards and release the latest tech but money to be made on crumbs and we eat them up. I think StarVR and XTAL see this but it so much easier to just gather the latest available panels and throw together a crumb VR headset.
Anyhow just my 2 cents


NVIDIA is going to milk their products as much as possible. They got no real competition from AMD (Navi now being delayed to 2020 and even if it’s released it will most likely s*ck).

People not buying their GPU’s will NOT enforce them to release better tech. If people really would stop buying it, they would incur heavy losses, would need to fire people and thing would only slow down even more.


I will just add that, talking and replying pretending like none of the points I showed you have been never said , and most importantly…deeply explored , with all the possible ramifications…will not make you look smarter… :slight_smile:

And if a good headset will ever be sold in 2024, like you say…surely it will not be something you will have contributed to, but maybe the thousands who made a different choice will have their merit in it.


Sorry Lillo but nothing of what you’ve said made any sense at all, it all seems to be ramblings of a mad man. Not buying a product will not change things for the better. Quite the contrary, if the market would grow, competition might actually step up.


Unfortunately what you say is perfect bullshit, anyone who follows the tech companies economy and shares know that Nvidia lost almost 1/3 of their entire capital after the 2080 joke…

And we’re talking hundreds of millions of money lost by them…

Maybe I look like mad man, but you look more like a sleeping cow, not knowing what is happening all around you :slight_smile:

And who gets the merit about it ??? The THOUSANDS of peolple who have felt cheated and haven’t falled in their tricks…and made entire reviews to show it.


Ok but this sleeping cow will at least soon have much better picture fidelity in his HMD than you :wink: Good luck with your activism.


Still haven’t changed I see. Even when someone posts something supporting what your saying. It falls on deaf ears and you go with trying to be insultive. Demonstrating how little you understand of the people around you Sheldon.


Ok, this thread has taken a little de-tour. How about getting back to the HP Reverb :slight_smile:


Yes please :slight_smile:


Nah he’ll cave. He already caved; when he compromised & invested in pimax non oled rgb headset. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:

He’s speaking truth on what exists but also at the sametime concedes he can’t do anything about it.


Yep & Lillo also buys the crumbs while preaching not to. More often than not we have to accept things & go with the flow. Much like what candidate do you vote for in an election? Lol


HP Reverb might be not the best choice for folks which need that 2k x 2k resolutions
Acer Ojo and HTC Cosmos coming with the same panels resolutions and IPD adjustments