New HP 4K HMD $599



I’d buy the ojo if it would come out anytime soon. But acer is not even giving us any info


HTC Cosmos 4 x tracking cameras vs 2x tracking cameras in ACER and HP
as well as better controllers and optional hooking up to the mobile phone


Enlightenment probably doesn’t comprise coming on toy forums and insulting others whilst discussing what the ‘them’ are doing.


Hehe…Merry Christmas to me, because this is what I’ll be getting for Christmas, assuming bit will be available by then…


AMD Ceo is opening Computex may 27th and the press release states:
“Upcoming products include 7nm AMD EPYC datacenter processors, 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen desktop processors, and *graphics cards based on the next-generation “Navi” architecture—all of which are designed to create exceptional experiences for gamers and creators as well as help solve many of the toughest challenges in our lives.”
So I guess we will know soon


Infinity Fabric comes to mind. :heart_eyes:


Yeah, yours are confirmed facts…

Just ignore what sjefdeklerk says, as he often comes out with bullshit and infos that have no reference in reality and are picked up from his fantasyland… not counting how fast he changes his mind and opinions…one day he hates an headsets as soon as it arrives and he tries it, two days after he abruptly loves it… one of the many examples of his past postings…very poor consistency :laughing:


True, but that’s Navi 10 which won’t be interesting at all to us high end VR guys, only for budget people. I was talking Navi 20, these actually MIGHT be interesting but latest rumours say that it’s delayed to 2020


Ouch that hurts, coming from a guy who says we shouldn’t buy the HP Reverb to teach NVIDIA and AMD a lesson :slight_smile:


AMD ??? Where you ever read me talking about AMD like Nvidia ? Exactly the opposite, proof you read very badly even this forum…my opinions are almost always experience based, and I’m always consistent with what I write, all my interventions in this forum are proof…

And to be clear, I NEVER said people should not buy the Reverb, my reflections were aimed to a higher aspect of seeing the subject, that you failed to catch…but in any case, others haven’t.

Even stixvr who is a far younger guy, has better grasped the wider implications of what I was saying…


Sebastian just made that review, uploaded it, and BOUNCED. Hasn’t answered any questions people have had on reddit or on here…kind of really annoying considering he’s one of the 5 or so people who have the Reverb :|||

Pinging you again, if you could answer those questions I asked it would be great. @mixedrealityTV


He is on holiday now, so I guess it will take some time untill you get answers…

The germany HP site has now the reverb listed (but still in state “inform me when it is available”…)



doesn’t answer my questions about pimax vs reverb.


What’s your question? Reverb has way higher resolution. Pimax has way higher fov.


Just go up and you’ll see the questions I asked…

And yes thx for this captain obvious.


The reverb seems to be recalled due to the display problems…

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Looks like they’re fixing the mura issues…

YESSSSSSSSSS LEGGOOOOO, where’d you get this message from…?


Interesting. I’m not sure if they’re fixing the mura though. From what I understand mura is actually a panel hardware ‘property’ that’s not easy to change. Could be though. But personally I’d guess that they’re fixing the problems that Arstechnica reported:

But who knows, in theory it could be that JDI has new panels for them, without mura. So let’s hope you’re right


I linked their review above