New HP 4K HMD $599



You did. markd posted it a day before you though: HP Reverb through the Lens!- MRTV

Not sure what you’re trying to say?


if people where looking for the link of the review.


Correct, it happen in manufacturing specially when not even heating/ or over heating takes place on the formation of the display. There is nothing that can be done once the panel is set


When will these start showing up in headsets? Hope the military doesn’t snap it up


Checkout the comments in RdToVR article.

3m Cable might not be extendable due to DP 1.3 limits. That might be bad if true.


Quite a positive review.


Hmm not sure if that’s a positive review. It seems the controller tracking is even worse than I had expected (seems to be worse than odyssey+ if I understand it correctly, because I don’t have those issues he describes at all on the o+)


Be interesting if you can use O+ controllers with built in dongle.

The review has positivs tones overal. But true to Pumcy he posts the good & bad as a review should. It is disapointing HP ditched the flip & the included audio not as good as could be. It’s curious why HP would release lackluster WMR reference controllers. And You’d think HP would have caught onto headstrap.

With it’s level of clarity due to hi res native RGB; this headset could definitely be the desktop monitor replacement. But ditching the flip up, will not sit well with drinking coffee. Making the inconvienance a definite minus. (Hello Straw :joy:)


Well, I meant that the review is positive in terms of the quality of the panels, not a word about mura and so on.
And the fact that he describes there as problems with controllers is a common thing for WMR controllers, if they leave the FOV camera zone, nothing surprising for me.
Although, maybe the location of the cameras there is not very good :thinking:

It seems to me that they should be compatible, unless HP used any individual frequency for their controllers.
After all, the controllers of other WMR headsets are compatible with each other.
But O + and HP Reverb have a slightly more complicated story in the integrated bluetooth adapter, so it’s not clear …:roll_eyes:


So from what I understood, it has more horizontal FOV than vive but less vertical FOV? Unfortunately that vertical FOV sounded disappointing to him…ffs man, I hope it won’t be that annoying for things like watching movies and stuff, or playing sims


Yes, to be honest, I forgot to mention this moment. Indeed, it looks a bit disturbing … (although, if I didn’t have a Pimax 8K, I’d rather choose a horizontal FOV than its vertical FOV if you compare standard headsets)

And here I recall my transition from 16:9 monitor to 21:9. It was the lasting wow effect :+1:
Horizontal FOV gives you more benefits anyway.

Human vision is more adapted to horizontal FOV, whatever one may say.


I remember that @mixedrealityTV said that you need to tilt the HMD a little bit to get full vertical FoV. Maybe that’s the problem, that @Pumcy didn’t try that? It’s a weakness of course, it shouldn’t even be possible, but if it’s easily solved by tilting the HMD a bit, then we’re all right.


Yes, even if there really is a slight difference in a smaller vertical FOV compared to the Vive, then this difference may not be compared to other headsets.

Judging by the research Doc-OK, Vive has the largest vertical FOV.

Measuring horizontal and vertical FoV at the narrowest points of the bowties, we get:
|VERTICAL FOV|102°|112°|113°|99°|88°|77°|

So everything is relative.


The controller tracking is not worse at all. Actually it is totally fine. I was surprised to read that Tom’s hardware review. Just as surprised as they initial Pimax review from the same author. I will do a video about controller tracking on Reverb once back home.


That sounds reassuring. Maybe @pumcy didn’t have correct lighting in his room? When I just had received my O+ I didn’t have correct lighting and thought the tracking was horrible. But after some adjusting it worked actually quite flawlessly


Also the article mentions the FOV would be bigger? Seems as much actual research went into the article as in the original Pimax one :wink: The FOV is SMALLER than those standard FOV headsets on the market.


Same on Reverb. No worries. Just Mura. (Also not mentioned on Tom’s hardware)


No it says slightly wider (negilible) but less Verticle.

Pimax Article both times was bang on & matched up with other media sites. Last review even upgraded the rating as the maturity of the software warrented.


We can agree to disagree here. :slight_smile:


Certainly as I am sure you disagree with the other articles that say the same. But at least the rating for both fits at 3.5/5 as very few headsets rate higher. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: